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- *Acquisition Comment*: Purchased by French, through Barbizon House, at Christie's, London, 9 December 1932, lot 88 (anonymous vendor).

Here is how this will be modeled ({color:red}Vlado: the this graph below does NOT express what the Acquisition Comment says{color}):
node [shape=box fontname=Arial fontsize=10 width=0 height=0];

This graph correctly represents the comments above (we can additionally say that acquisition/1 is likely before acquisition/2, and acquisition/2 is before acquisition/3).
However, it cannot be deduced from the source since Merlin only has a bag of Acquisition associations, not proper Acquisition events
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"<obj>" : a E22_Man-Made_Object
"<obj/acquisition/1>" : a E8_Acquisition
"<obj/acquisition/2>" : a E8_Acquisition
"<obj/acquisition/3>" : a E8_Acquisition
"<obj/acquisition/4>" : a E8_Acquisition
"<obj/acquisition/5>" : a E8_Acquisition

"<obj>" --> "<obj/acquisition/1>" : P24i_changed_ownership_through
"<obj>" --> "<obj/acquisition/2>" : P24i_changed_ownership_through
"<obj>" --> "<obj/acquisition/3>" : P24i_changed_ownership_through

"<obj/acquisition/1>" --> "<EdwardJohnPoynter>" : P22_transferred_title_to
"<obj/acquisition/2>" --> "<obj/acquisition/4>" : P9_consists_of
"<obj/acquisition/2>" --> "<obj/acquisition/5>" : P9_consists_of
"<obj/acquisition/3>" --> "<CecilFrench>" : P23_transferred_title_from
"<obj/acquisition/3>" --> "the-british-museum" : P22_transferred_title_to
"<obj/acquisition/3>" : P2_has_type <thesauri/acquisition/B> "Bequeated by"
"<obj/acquisition/4>" --> "<CecilFrench>" : P22_transferred_title_to
"<obj/acquisition/4>" --> "<obj/acquisition/4/date>" : P4_has_time-span
"<obj/acquisition/4>" : P3_has_note "lot 88"
"<obj/acquisition/4/date>" : P82_at_some_time_within "1932-12-09"^^xsd:date
"<obj/acquisition/5>" --> "<BarbizonHouse>" : P11_had_participant
"<obj/acquisition/5>" --> "<Christie's>" : P11_had_participant
"<obj/acquisition/5>" : P2_has_type <thesauri/acquisition/P> "Purchased through"

h2. Translated Code In Reified Association
When an Association Code is about the role degree of participation of an entity in an event, we put it in explicit bmo:EX_Association node (reification).
We use an extension of E13_Attribute_Assignment, adding a way to identify which property we are talking about:

For example the code:
|Acquisition Person|F: Funded by|
is mapped to:
For example [#Probably/Unlikely Produced By]:
<obj/acquisition> a E8_Acquisition;
<obj/production/M> a E12_Production;
P23_transferred_title_from P14_carried_out_by <person>.
<obj/acquisition/association/N> <obj/production/M/association> a bmo:EX_Association;
P140_assigned_attribute_to <obj/acquisition>; <obj/production/M>; P141_assigned <person>; bmo:PX_property P23_transferred_title_from; P14_carried_out_by;
P2_has_type <thesaurus/acquisition/F>.
<thesaurus/acquisition/F> a E55_type, skos:Concept;
skos:prefLabel "Funded by".
PX_likelihood <thes/likelihood/formerly-attributed-to>.
which is depicted below:
node [shape=box fontname=Arial fontsize=10 width=0 height=0];
edge [fontname=Arial fontsize=10];
acquisition [label="<obj/acquisition>\na E8_Acquisition"]; production [label="<obj/production/M>\na E12_Production"];
association [label="<obj/acquisition/association/N>\na [label="<obj/production/M/association>\na bmo:EX_Association"];
"P23_transferred_title_from" "P14_carried_out_by" [shape=none];
{edge [weight=100];
acquisition production -> "P23_transferred_title_from" "P14_carried_out_by" -> "<person>";
association -> acquisition production [label="P140_assigned_attribute_to"];
association -> "<person>" [label="P141_assigned"];
association -> "P23_transferred_title_from" "P14_carried_out_by" [label="bmo:PX_property"];
association -> "<thesaurus/acquisition/F>" "<thes/likelihood/formerly-attributed-to>" [label="P2_has_type"];
"<thesaurus/acquisition/F>" -> "Funded by" [label="prefLabel"];
association; "P23_transferred_title_from" "P14_carried_out_by"