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- (+) remove crm:E55_Type: a Group is *not* a Type
{noformat}<thesauri/nationality/British> a crm:E55_Type , crm:E74_Group , skos:Concept ;{noformat}
- (-) SKOS (+) &nbsp;SKOS says one prefLabel (per language). If you don't have a flag in TMS, call the first one prefLabel and the rest altLabel
<person-institution/142> a crm:E21_Person , skos:Concept ;
skos:prefLabel "Robert Smirke I" , "Robert Smirke R. A." , "Robert Smirk" , "Robert I Smirke" , "Robert Smirke" ;
Lec: Awaiting Emmanuelle confirmation if subjectActor will have multiple names, currently not in LIDO
- (-) you don't have any date (P82_at_some_time_within) for <person-institution/142/birth/date>. This makes all the following statements useless, so kill them.