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- (-) {status:low prio|color=gray} Pubby prefixes are not setup: shows "?:..."
Lec: does same for BM, will try to fix
Lec: low priority, at first glance did not see where the config has this, will need to return to it after we are done with everything or in spare time. 
- (+) STRONGLY Suggest to have 1 URI per object, not 3 sameAs URIs
Lec: BM has multiple, followed their lead
{status:low prio\|color=gray} Lec: BM has multiple, followed their lead - we still need to figure this out (don't want to publish two data sets one for RS and one for the world) - not pressing low priority
Vlado: RS currently cannot work with these sameAs (eg would return results in triplicate). BM puts sameAs in separate files that we don't load
- (-) don't (+)  don't emit prefixes you don't need: lccn, oclc, ycba_aat, etc etc
- (+) crm:PX_\* (e.g. crm:PX_display_wrap) is wrong, should be bmo:PX_\*
Lec: fixed with []