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bq. This is same as part Dominic's manual (to best of our understanding)
Does it comply with BM's latest changes to modeling Association codes (esp re Acquisition, Production)?

bq. If there is something else you need to get this to work with Research Space please let me know
Once it's compliant, we should:
- pubby doesn’t show prefixes but "?:" {color:#993300}\- does same for BM, will try to fix{color}
- -STRONGLY Suggest to have 1 URI per object, not 3 sameAs URIs- {color:#993300}\-{color} {color:#ff0000}fixed{color}{color:#993300}, BM has multiple, followed their lead{color}
- -crm:PX_\* (e.g. crm:PX_display_wrap) is wrong, should be bmo:PX_\*- {color:#993300}\-{color} {color:#ff0000}fixed{color} {color:#993300}with: {color}{color:#993300}\[{color}{color:#993300}[]{color}\|\] 

h2. Thesauri
- use more logical URIs that don't reflect their genesis in existing systems. Eg
<thesauri/event/exhibition_history> \-> <thesauri/event/exhibition> (An exhibition is NOT "exhibition history")
<thesauri/identifier/TMS/exhibition_history> \-> <thesauri/identifier/exhibition> (doesn't matter your system is called TMS) - {color:#ff0000}this may need further discussion, we may have other types of events with IDs from other systems, however made changes per suggestion{color}
- {color:#ff0000}We need to make decision on URI for exhibition, originally we had a short identifier, BM suggested title, this does not always work well ie: ObjectID 34{color}
- -Getty thesauri: don't like that you use a YCBA-specific URI for Getty, eg-
-This won't let your data mesh with other data using Getty.-
Haven't the Getty decided on an official namespace?
-Haven't the Getty decided on an official namespace?- &nbsp;{color:#ff0000}ULAN, AAT, TGN converted to Getty URIs{color}

h2. Images
- -if you can't find a term during mapping, report an error, don't export it as "-1"-{color:#008000}&nbsp; Emmanuelle, please have some students go through TMS, I exclude now anything that has \-1{color}
- {color:#008000}Emmanuelle there are cases where subjects are TGN where conceptID = 0, I will try to ignore example ObjectID = 34{color}
- ULAN, AAT, TGN URIs converted to Getty
- &nbsp;