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h1. Configuration

In addition to the standard OWLIM command line parameters, the OWLIM Workbench can be controlled with additional parameters as follows. These should be of this form {{\-Dparam=value}}

|| Parameter || Default || Description ||
| repo.data | <none> | connect to the specified location for repositories |
| resource.language | 'en' (English) | set the default language with which to filter results displayed in resource exploration |
| resource.limit | 100 | set the limit for the number of statements displayed in the resource view page |
| security.enabled | true | enable/disable security\* |
| sparql.limit | 100 | set the limit for the number of rows of SPARQL query results displayed in the query results page |
| sparql.equivalence | false | enable result expansion over equivalent URIs for SPARQL queries when using the query page |