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See live discussion at [].

Basically the advice boils down to this:
- Don't use skos:Concept ("terms") in business data, use other URIs ("entities") that are amenable to sameAs and are foaf:focus of the respectiev terms
- Or else, implement extra rules that propagate business relations across skos:exactMatch.

Below is a confluence copy of just the start of this discussion
TODO: copy more of the relevant parts, and make best-practice decisions


h2. Overview
I got some drawings by Rembrandt in a British Museum database, and some paintings by Rembrandt in a RKD database. He's referred to as `bm-people:Rembrandt` in one, and `rkd-artists:rembrandt` in the other. I use CIDOC CRM, so Rembrandt is related through `crm:P14i_performed` to the drawing/painting Production events.