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- FRX_label FR1_identified_by := (FC70) / FRT_46_106_148* / P1 / P3 | rdfs:label
Added rdfs:label because of {jira:RS-1408}
<rso:FRX_label> <rdfs:subPropertyOf> <crm:P3_has_note>
<rso:FRX_label> <rdfs:subPropertyOf> <rdfs:label>
- FR1_identified_by := (FC70) / FRT_46_106_148* / P1 / FRX_label
x <rdf:type> <rso:FC70_Thing>; x <crm:P1_is_identified_by> y; y <rso:FRX_label> <crm:P3_has_note> z => x <rso:FR1_identified_by> z
x <rdf:type> <rso:FC70_Thing>; x <rso:FRT_46_106_148> y; y <crm:P1_is_identified_by> z; z <rso:FRX_label> <rdfs:label> t => x <rso:FR1_identified_by> t
x <rdf:type> <rso:FC70_Thing>; x <crm:P1_is_identified_by> y; y <crm:P3_has_note> z => x <rso:FR1_identified_by> z
x <rdf:type> <rso:FC70_Thing>; x <rso:FRT_46_106_148> y; y <crm:P1_is_identified_by> z; z <rdfs:label> t => x <rso:FR1_identified_by> t

- TODO: it may be better to stop at P1 so the identifier type can also be examined
- we add rdfs:label since that's what BM uses for identifier values (not P3_has_note)

- Using an intermediate relation like
FRX_label := P3 | rdfs:label
is very stupid, since it will double the number of label triples & literals in the KB
<rso:FRX_label> <rdfs:subPropertyOf> <crm:P3_has_note>
<rso:FRX_label> <rdfs:subPropertyOf> <rdfs:label>