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- when saving to the dedicated thesaurus, make URL from the name
eg prefLabel = "water color" \-> URL = rs-tags:water_color

h1. Tags autocomplete - updating Lucene index with new values (design)

- We need an autocomplete on isTag thesauri
- We don't update or delete tags, we only add new ones
- the dedicated rs-tags: thesaurus (where new tags are added) is not searchable.
Many other isTag thesauri are searchable (in fact isSearchable => isTag because all searchable thesauri are interesting for tagging)
- Need to see new entries almost immediately in GUI
- We can differentiate between the search and tags autocomplete calls But it's preferred that the same FTS index be used in both cases
- If possible, implement this with OWLIM 5.3's incremental FTS indexing