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This spec is simple enough, so we put all parts (data model, spec and API) in this page.

Effort allocation from [RS Plan 3.6]:
The initial version of Tags has modest effort allocation (from [RS Plan 3.6]):
- Tags spec: 3 1.5 p/d
- Tags backend: 5 3
- Tags frontend: 8 4

Jira tasks:
- Bookmark
- Data Annotation
- Forum/Topic/Post (new in RS3.6)
- Image (no UI to show a single image yet)
- Image Annotation
- Object

In the future tags can be applied also to:
- Object: need mockup where to put the tags, spec how to integrate with FR search, mockup where to put in search sentence and search results
- Forum/Topic/Post: 3rd party system, new in RS3.6
- Image: no UI to show a single image yet

h2. Tags Ontology
We use the [Tags Ontology|] ([tags.n3|], which defines:

h2. RS3.6 Use Cases
TODO: make mockups!

h3. Tags in entity detailed view
- Every entity type should use the same Tags section
Where to put this for Object? I guess on top?
- Tags are represented as "buttons" for easier recognition
- There's a red "x" after each tag to delete it
h3. Tags in entity list view
(eg Object search results list, Bookmarks list ...)
TODO: make mockups!
- It's best to use the same Tags section as above
- Or do we want some "lighter-weight" version of it?
- Clicking on a tag runs a search by that Tag, for that entity kind only
- In the Search dialog for every entity kind, there's a Tags section to add tags to the search
- Where to put this in object (FR) search?

h2. Future Use Cases

h1. Tags API
TODO Jana & Svetoslav