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h2. Thing-Place

h3. Thing refers to or is about Place:- FR67_refers_to_or_is_about
Thing depicts or refers to a place or feature located in place, or is similar in features or composed of or carries an information object that depicts or refers to a place

h3. Thing is referred to at Place:- WONTDO

h3. Thing from Place:- FR7_from_place
Thing has former, current or permanent location at place, or was created at place, or was created by someone born at place, or part of a group having residence at place, or moved to/from, or acquired at place

h3. Thing used at Place:- WONTDO
No such in BM data

h3. Thing created at Place:- WONTDO
This is very similar to "from", which in addition has a part "created by person born at".
But RKD Person thesaurus doesn't have birth details, and I don't know whether BM Person exported to SKOS has such details.

h3. Thing found or acquired at Place:- WONTDO
C2.Finding is not defined

h3. Thing is/was located in Place:- FR53_is_was_located_in
Thing has former or current location at place.
This is a very simple subset of [#Thing from Place:- FR7_from_place]

{code}<obj/2926> crm:P130i_features_are_also_found_on <obj/2926/related/1>{code}

h3. Thing has met Thing:- WONTDO
h3. Thing refers to or is about Thing:- WONTDO
h3. Thing is referred to by Thing:- WONTDO
h3. Thing from Thing:- WONTDO
h3. Thing is part of Thing:- WONTDO
h3. Thing was made from Thing:- WONTDO
h3. Thing has part Thing:- WONTDO
h3. Thing is similar or same with Thing:- WONTDO

h2. Thing-Actor

h3. Thing has met Actor:- FR12_has_met
Thing (or another thing it is part of) has met actor in the same event (or event that is part of it)

We reuse [#Thing has met Event:- FR12_was_present_at] as the initial sub-FR from FC70 to E5.
- FR12_has_met := FR12_was_present_at / P12 / E39

h3. Thing is referred to by Actor:- WONTDO
A related example in RKD data is: <Gertruidenberg> (Place) P67i_is_referred_to_by <Bathing Susana> which is created by <Rembrandt>,
which would map to <Gertruidenberg> "is referred to by" <Rembrandt>, except that Place is not a Thing.

h3. Thing refers to or is about Actor:- TODO

h3. Thing by Actor:- FR14_by
Thing (or part thereof) was created, measured, modified, acquired or used for activity performed by actor (or group it is member of)
h2. Thing-Event

h3. Thing refers to or is about Event:- FR67_about_event
Thing depicts or refers to event, or carries information object that is about event, or bears similarity with a thing that is about event
- The beginning is the same as [#Thing refers to or is about Place:- FR67_refers_to_or_is_about] so we reuse properties FRT_46_106_148_128_130 and FRX_62_67. TODO: optimize this reuse, by carefully thinking where to put the type check
- The ending is way simpler.
- TODO: harmonize FR names (this says "_event" but "about Place" doesn't say "_place")

h3. Thing is referred to at Event:- WONTDO

h3. Thing has met Event:- FR12_was_present_at
Thing was present at (has met, is from) event.
- (FRThing.docx refers to this variously as "has met" or "from", but we use FR12_has_met for Actor.
h2. Thing-Concept

h3. Thing is made of Material:- FR45_is_made_of
Thing (or part thereof) consists of material


h3. Thing is/has Type:- FR2_has_type
Thing has Type (or has shape, is of kind, is about subject, etc)
(FRThing.docx calls this "has type" but I think "is/has" matches the general usage "is Weapon", "has shape Vertical Rectangle", etc)
but our search UI currently has a restriction that the many-to-many relation "FRs-thesauri" should split both FRs and thesauri into equivalence classes.

h3. Thing used technique:- FR32_used_technique
The production of Thing (or part thereof) used general technique
Extension defined by me:
(I think P32_used_general_technique is more useful than P33_used_specific_technique, see [#Thing is made of Material:- FR45_is_made_of] above)


h3. Thing identified by Identifier:- FR1_identified_by
Thing (or part thereof) has Identifier (exact-match string).
Extension defined by me: