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Jira tasks:
- {jira:RS-541} Discussion
"Each project should be able to define a set of tags that are relevant to the research they are doing (primary tags). Vladimir showed the Yammer system in which additional tags can be added (the yammer method seemed sound), and we would need an approval system. It also seems correct to allow project tags to be taken from existing thesauri because then you get synergy with existing termininology. Therefore, when adding a tag the system would auto complete from the ResearchSpace vocabularies. If the term does not exist then it is added to a special Tags vocabulary.
- {jira:RS-1175} Overall
- {jira:RS-1176} Spec
- Universal search (of any kind of object) by tag
- Apply/create tag using twitter notation in rich-text: #tag
- Tags maintenance (of the dedicated thesaurus)
- Tags maintenance of the dedicated thesaurus: an admin function
-- Approval of new tags proposed by users.
If a tag is rejected, all its instances are deleted
-- Rename tag
-- Merge two tags
- Per -project Tag sets
- Tag cloud, in one of the following forms: