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77 occurrences of P2_has_type in config.xml. (!) indicates conflict
||N||term: comments||
|22|thesauri/production/authoring..writing: production type|
| 1|thesauri/production/retail: activity type (?)|
| 2|thesauri/production/\{mus_object_production_person_association},
| thesauri/production-place/\{mus_object_production_place_association}:
| production probably/unlikely (!)|
|13|dimension/circumference currency curvature depth diameter die-axis height length percentage thickness volume weight width|
| 8|identifier: bigno cmcatno codexid grcatno otherid prn regno serialno|
| 1|thesauri/\{bm_ware_th_i}: ware (!)|
| 1|thesauri/\{bm_escapement_th_i}: clock escapement (!)|

h3. Single-out Object Type