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h3. (?)   Shorten URL - what is expected exactly there

h3. (?)  Can we add links to relations (predicates) in Data Basket

- (on)  rich-text editor that we use is tiny MCE and it uses new browser windows for popups. Are we doing to implement databasket popup like this or it will be part of the page as a simple div tag? If it is new browser window - styling should be changed (there are minimum width of 1200 pixel for the popup, margin for the whole databasket table and so on). If it is part of the page as div it will look a little inconsistent with the other buttons of the tiny MCE. Still, we suggest we keep it as div.
- (on)  which will be the data basket sort criterias? We suggest type, date (default), title. The sort is by a single field
- Icons for data basket element types are way more than tool history ([] and tool history has only 3 items). If one of the used bookmarks from databasket is selected then new history element will be inserted in one of the three history options. They have similar images as databasket icons and it may be confusing if data field/data annotation and museum object bookmarks will be added as an element in data annotation tool.

h3. (?)  If the user selects an item to add in the databasket, and such item is already there, how do we inform the user?