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(on)  It makes sense to use same design and implementation as for annotations tags. Currently these are stored entirely in Nuxeo and not in RDF. We suggest that in 3.6 we spend some effort on removing Nuxeo dependencies for annotations, including the tags functionality. Then we can use the same approach and implementation for Data Basket tags.

(/)  Dominic:....
(/)  Dominic (with Jana on Skype, Oct 15): Lets have tags implementation reworked in 3.6 - that is, store tags in RDF and not Nuxeo. Then we will use common implementation for annotations and for data basket.

If items become too many, GUI might get unfriendly.

(/)   Dominic (with Jana on Skype, Oct 15): Lets keep it simple (no pagination) for now and see how users are going to use it. That is, are they going to use Data Basket as Clipboard (probably need to remove oldest items then) or as personal storage (more permanent thing).

h3. (?)  Can we add links to relations (predicates) in Data Basket

The spec says data field can be added. What about predicates (like was-created-by)?

(on)  Dominic (with Jana on Skype, Oct 15): Will think about it but I cannot think of case they would need to store a predicate there.

h3. (?)   Notes on icons (UI mockups) by Vlado