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h2. 20120619 Dominic Spec
[Data Basket Spec - Old]

[Data Basket Spec - Old|Data Basket Spec - Old]

h2. 201200625 Tom Notes

We had a discussion at BVA about the data basket document and wanted to make the following comments:
# Our understanding was that each of the records, fields, records within tools can be linked to (accessible through the actions menu). We therefore think that the data basket should only be a tool to organise these links, rather than a repository for actual data.
## {color:#3366ff}The rich text is stored in Notes{color}
## {color:#3366ff}A plain-text version of the rich text is stored in Title{color}
# {color:#3366ff}Actions{color}
# {color:#3366ff}Actions{color}## {color:#3366ff}for all Bookmarks: Add Web Link, Add Text, Delete All, Filter, Sort, (not work yet: Export, Print){color}
## {color:#3366ff}for single Bookmark: Delete, Edit,{color}
## {color:#3366ff}Click on row opens the bookmark View; click on URL opens the specific tool{color}

h3. [Data Basket Spec - Old|Data Basket Spec - Old] Notes

Maria, all the long titles seem to be half-resolved issues. You need to resolve them, or move them in a separate section clearly marked "For discussion"\!
# eg [Data Basket Spec#Search - The user should be able to search the data basket using meta data|Data Basket Spec - Old#Search - The user should be able to search the data basket using meta data]
- we need to plan it.

Current [Data Basket Spec - Old|Data Basket Spec - Old] says:
- "Tags are not related to project thesauri"
which contradicts a note by Dominic: tags use all thesauri; while newly added tags are put in a dedicated thesaurus".
Maria: We discussed the day before that “Sent by” will not be supported for databasket item

Vlado: Notes on the icons:
- “Data Field” should look the same as “Data Annotation” minus the pencil
- If you vary the color between “Image” and “Image Annotation”, I think there should be the same variation between the above pair
- there’s no “Data object”. There’s “Object” and that’s a museum object, so I don’t like the icon that looks like a table.
- what’s “Forum”: link to a Forum Comment, which will be done in 3.6? Let’s rename to “Forum Comment”

Vlado: Notes on the mockups:
- Edit details
-- Notes> Last updated: please remove, no such data has been discussed
-- Tags: please jot in red “For now, use existing Tags module”
- Add text snippet
-- same notes as above
-- The action name should be consistent with the item type. Either "Text" or “Text Snippet”
- Databasket  
-- button "Add text": should be consistent with the item type
-- Tags: please X cross it in red, with note "Not for now"
- Add Weblink:
-- you need fields for the long (to be entered) and short (to be calculated) links
- All edit/details dialog boxes
-- You have buttons Edit/Save on top and bottom; also X on top and often Cancel on bottom. Do we really need double controls?
-- What's the action arrow next to Notes for?
-- Rich Text Editor: do you know such actual editor? Looks qquite better than the one with centered buttons that we currently use
- General
-- Please crop the blank space below each image
-- I don't think we need the old versions. But if you want to keep them, please move your useful textual descriptions up to the current version

h2. 20120829 Kostadinov notes on mockups
(Second-level bullet is the proposed resolution)
- all data fields/data annotations are followed by two buttons - pencil and dropdown menu for custom actions (annotative-area.html). There is not enough space for both of them (e.g. tabular data like dimensions: width + 2 buttons + value + 2 buttons + measure unit + 2 buttons)
- inconsistent labels (databasket-edit-details.html) Data author/Data date \-> data creator/data created
- do we need dropdown menu on the upper right corner of databasket-add-weblink.html/databasket-add-text.html/databasket-edit-details.html?
- do we need 'save' button on the upper right corner of databasket-add-weblink.html/databasket-add-text.html/databasket-edit-details.html? There are 'cancel' and 'save' on the bottom right corner\!
- click on a row in databasket-popup.html will open databasket-detail.html/databasket-edit-details.html and it will be second level of popups (first one is the databasket popup and above it will be details popup). it is not very user-friendly
- do we need bookmarks for data field and data annotation? If user creates bookmark for data field and then he/she adds annotation for that data field, it becomes data annotation and automatically the bookmark should become bookmark for data annotation. We can use one bookmark type for both of them.
- do we need bookmarks for image and image annotation? Both types will be opened in the image annotation tool\!
- new button for bookmarks will be added in tinyMCE (rich text editor) but there are two more 'insert link to image'
, 'insert link to museum object'. Do we have to remove them?
- popup from databasket-popup.html is very big\! We have to think of a solution that is smaller than the browser size (monitor resolution)
- header data in databasket.html is aligned left but header data in databasket-popup.html is aligned center and the whole table is not looking very good. (#page is inherited)
- all databacket table columns have width - isn't it better to remove widths and rely on browser formatting (e.g. if the databasket popup width is not very bit the whole table in it won't look fine)
- rich-text editor that we use is tiny MCE and it uses new browser windows for popups. Are we doing to implement databasket popup like this or it will be part of the page as a simple div tag? If it is new browser window - styling should be changed (there are minimum width of 1200 pixel for the popup, margin for the whole databasket table and so on). If it is part of the page as div it will look a little inconsistent with the other buttons of the tiny MCE.
- which will be the data basket sort criterias?
-- >> type, date (default), title. The sort is by a single field