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h3. Single-out Object Type
We display the object type (painting, coin, etc) as one of the display fields ([RS-690]).
For this reason it needs to be singled out amongst all other E55_Type's. How can we do that?
# We could leave it as the only field per node mapped to P2_has_type.
But then to distinguish, two functions need to use *explicit* triples only (while of course, FRs use inferred triples):
#- "Fetch complete object data" for display
#- "Propose new value"
# We could map it to rso:P2_has_object_type (and a similar bmo: extension property), and filter by thesaurus (rkd-object and bm-thes-object respectively)

I like the second approach better since it doesn't rely on a particular query mode (and we may change that tomorrow).
Mitac & Jana, please give your opinion here.

(!) Jana, can you explain here *why* one property should not have multiple properties from several thesauri?


h3. Unchangeable P2_has_type
*Jana*, please note that the following P2_has_type properties are unchangeable (fixed).
<obj/2926/research/1> crm:P21_had_general_purpose rkd-res_type: . # "Research"
(This is for information only, no change)

h2. Business-specific sub-properties