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h1. Way of working:
- Vlado makes spec; changes to susana.ttl and diff
- Matthew makes changes to Migration
- Jana makes changes to RForm templates
- Mitac makes changes to EntityAPI (hopefully not many will be needed)

A lot of these are changes marked +WILL+ (then +DID+) in [Rembrandt Mapping Review]. Some was were investigated in [RS-323@jira]

h2. Color Status
In the next section we use the color-coded \{status} macro to indicate where we are at.
When you're done with your part, please edit (in wiki mode!) and change "colour="
- {status:colour=Gray|title=Gray}: not applicable
- {status:colour=Red|title=Red}: not yet done

I have not added a box for EntityAPI (Mitac's part) since hopefully these will be few

h1. Changes


h3. Unchangeable P2_has_type
*Jana*, please note that the following P2_has_type properties are unchangeable (fixed).
They don't come from a thesaurus, i.e. don't have skos:inScheme, so a new value cannot be proposed.
-- rkd-places: replace P89_falls_within with P88i_forms_part_of, else FR won't work (this is a bug)

{status:colour=Green|title=spec}{status:colour=Green|title=diff}{status:colour=Red|title=mig}{status:colour=Red|title=rforms} {status:colour=Green|title=spec}{status:colour=Green|title=diff}{status:colour=Red|title=mig}{status:colour=Gray|title=rforms}

(x) BM thesauri: [RS-700@jira]