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-- rso:P2_has_object_shape (rkd-shape)
- Image: ([RS-627@jira] "Cannot determine thesaurus for image type")
-- crm:P129_is_about rso:P129_has_iconclass (rst-iconclass)
-- rso:P129_has_keyword (rkd-keywords)
-- (!) TODO Vlado: add clause "P129_is_about E55_Type" to FR2_has_type, else we can't search by Iconclass IconClass/Keywords
-- rso:P2_has_keyword (rkd-keywords)
- Frame: rso:P2_has_object_type (rkd-object)
- File:
Maria [RS-273@jira]: we planned initially that data in a record will be grouped into sections: Basics, Parts, Exhibitions, Auctions, Collections, etc.
But RForms cannot create different sections (lists) based on P2_has_type of a node: it can distinguish only based on relation.
Therefore make some business-specific sub-properties, eg
{code}rso:P12i_was_present_at_exhibition rdfs:subPropertyOf crm:P12i_was_present_at{code}
- Make business-specific sub-properties
-- rso:P12i_was_present_at_exhibition (sub-property of crm:P12i_was_present_at, inverse rso:P12_exhibited)
-- rso:P12i_was_present_at_research (sub-property of crm:P12i_was_present_at, inverse rso:P12_researched)
-- rso:P24i_changed_ownership_through_auction (inverse rso:P12_auctioned)
- change P11 to P14 for auction house:
{code}<obj/2926/acquisition/1> crm:P14_carried_out_by <obj/2926/acquisition/1/house>.{code}
- (!) Maria/Jana to specify whether more sub-properties are needed

{status:colour=Red|title=spec}{status:colour=Red|title=diff}{status:colour=Red|title=mig}{status:colour=Red|title=rforms} {status:colour=Yellow|title=spec}{status:colour=Green|title=diff}{status:colour=Red|title=mig}{status:colour=Red|title=rforms}

h2. Thesaurus changes
- add IconClass code as [SKOS Notation|]:
rst-iconclass:_11H_JEROME_51 a crm:E55_Type, skos:Concept;
skos:notation "11 H (JEROME) 51"^^rst-iconclass:;
(currently will not be used by ResearchSpace but could be)
- Verify that Rembrandt and BM thesauri satisfy [BMX Issues#Thesaurus Requirements], and make appropriate changes:
- rkd-places: replace P89_falls_within with P88i_forms_part_of, else FR won't work (this is a bug)

Rembrandt thesauri:
- (/) thesauri.ttl
- (/) thesauri-all.ttl
- (/) thesauri-disposition.ttl
- (/) thesauri-extracted.ttl
- thesauri-place.ttl
-- rkd-places: replace P89_falls_within with P88i_forms_part_of, else FR won't work (this is a bug)

{status:colour=Red|title=spec}{status:colour=Red|title=diff}{status:colour=Red|title=mig}{status:colour=Red|title=rforms} {status:colour=Green|title=spec}{status:colour=Green|title=diff}{status:colour=Red|title=mig}{status:colour=Red|title=rforms}

(x) BM thesauri: [RS-700@jira]

h1. Diffs
- You can view these with TortoiseUDiff (part of TortoiseSVN)
- Below we show the most important parts as images, taken from the same program
- I personally prefer to view Tortoise>Diff with Araxis Merge, which shows word/char-level changes
Setup: rclick> TortoiseSVN> Settings> External Programs> Diff viewer> External
{noformat}"C:\Program Files (x86)\Araxis Merge v6.5\compare.exe" /max /wait /title1:%bname /title2:%yname %base %mine{noformat}


h2. rso.ttl

h2. susana.ttl

h2. thesauri.ttl

h2. thesauri-place.ttl