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|| Parameter || TTL || Java \-D || Description ||
| *base-URL* | X | X | _default_ *<none>*, specifies the default namespace for the main persistence file. Non-empty namespaces are recommended, because their use guarantees the uniqueness of the anonymous nodes that may appear within the repository. |
| *contexts-index-size* | X | X | _default_ *1000*, specifies the size of the index for storing contexts. |
| *debug.level* | | X | _default_ *0*, defines the level of detail for debug output used for various implementation classes. Valid values are from 0 to 4 inclusive, where 0 is no debug output and 4 is the most verbose. |
| *defaultNS* | X | | _default_ *<empty>*, default namespaces corresponding to each imported schema file separated by semicolon (;-)\\
| *optimize.rules* | | X | _default_ *false*, used by the RuleCompiler to select the rule optimization method to use. true - use a method that orders the premises so that the premises with the smallest number of free variables are first. false - uses the more complex rule optimization technique. |
| *partialRDFS* (DEPRECATED) | X | X | _default_ *false*, if true then trivial RDFS inferences are switched off, such as 'every URI is type ' or 'every class is a sub-class of rdfs:Resource', etc. Deprecated in favour of explicit choice of rule-set, see ruleset below. However, if this flag is set to true then the chosen ruleset will effectively have \-optimized appended to it if not present, e.g. ruleset=owl-horst and partialRDFS=true is the same as selecting ruleset=owl-horst-optimized |
| *predicate-index-size* | | X | _default_ *1000*, the size of the index used to store predicates. |
| *repository-type* | X | X | _default_ *in-memory-repository*, available values are: \\
in-memory-repository |