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07.IANNOTATION.R1 RS3.3 The image annotation functionality of ResearchSpace should address different types of annotation operation:
07.IANNOTATION.R1-1 RS3.3 - The ability to apply a text annotation against a region of an image. The region should be one defined by the user. It should also be possible to apply text to more than one region of the same image
07.IANNOTATION.R1-2 RS3.3 - The ability to annotate a relationship between regions on two different images.
This means that the tool should have the ability to display two object records on a single form at the same time. It is envisaged that the two records would be placed side by side, with the ability to switch on each side between a data view and an image view. As in the data annotation tool the researcher would have the ability to draw links between an image region and a data field or between two regions
07.IANNOTATION.R1-3 RS3.3 - It should be possible to provide configurable controlled predicates for the annotations
07.IANNOTATION.R2 RS3.3 Annotations would be stored as RDF and be searchable through the semantic search tool
07.IANNOTATION.R3 RS3.3 Annotations should be both controlled using the CRM (Conceptual reference Model) framework and also allow the option for uncontrolled comment
07.IANNOTATION.R4 RS3.3 Annotation View
07.IANNOTATION.R4-1 RS3.3 - Show previous annotations with date of entry and author. Can be sorted and filtered
07.IANNOTATION.R4-2 RS3.3 - Selecting an annotation should highlight the region on the image. Multiple annotations can be selected.
07.IANNOTATION.R4-3 RS3.3 - Selecting an annotation at a particular level of zoom will cause the image to zoom to that level and the area to which the annotation resides.
07.IANNOTATION.R4-4 RS3.3 - The user can view an annotation at different zoom levels.
07.IANNOTATION.R4-5 RS3.3 It should be possible to show only project annotations
07.IANNOTATION.R5-1 RS3.3 - The list of annotations in area 1 can be sorted by author date and level
07.IANNOTATION.R6 RS3.3 Filter and display options
07.IANNOTATION.R6-1 RS3.3 - Displayed annotations can be filtered by keyword, author, institution and date range. It should be possible to select multiple authors and institutions
07.IANNOTATION.R6-2 RS3.3 - A calendar control should be provided for the start and end date range
07.IANNOTATION.R6-3 RS3.3 - Filter should also include annotations at particular levels
07.IANNOTATION.R6-4 RS3.3 - Annotation regions should be proportionate depending upon the zoom level so that, for example, a region defined at zoom level 3 will be proportionately smaller at zoom level 1
07.IANNOTATION.R6-5 RS3.3 - When the image is zoomed only those annotations defined within the area should be displayed
07.IANNOTATION.R6-6 RS3.3 - It should be possible to hide all annotations
07.IANNOTATION.R6-7 RS3.3 - Colour coding of annotations to reflect different author’s and institutions
18.IMAGEZOOM.R1 RS3.3 Image Work Area
18.IMAGEZOOM.R1-1 RS3.3 - The Image itself can be zoomed and moved using the zoom controls (Area 5)
18.IMAGEZOOM.R1-2 RS3.3 - Annotations can be applied using the region selection tools (Area 6). Users can defined a region (rectangle, circle or free form) and write an annotation which then appears in the annotation view (area 1). Annotations should be saved or deleted using command buttons (area 7)
18.IMAGEZOOM.R1-3 RS3.3 - Removing the actual annotation from the image means that the image can be view properly without large amounts of text impairing the view. Regions can also be hidden using the hide feature (area 3)
18.IMAGEZOOM.R1-3 RS3.3 - It should be possible to enforce ontology terms for the type of annotation. (Open Annotation Project)
18.IMAGEZOOM.R2 RS3.3 Zoom Controls
18.IMAGEZOOM.R2-1 RS3.3 - To control the zoom level of the main image
18.IMAGEZOOM.R2-2 RS3.3 - A zoom control is required based on a streaming tiled method (e.g. Zoomify, IIP)
18.IMAGEZOOM.R2-3 RS3.3 - Zoom in and out
18.IMAGEZOOM.R2-4 RS3.3 - Pan vertically and horizontally at any zoom level
18.IMAGEZOOM.R2-5 RS3.3 - Should display the current zoom level and the maximum zoom level
18.IMAGEZOOM.R3 RS3.3 Region Selection Tools
18.IMAGEZOOM.R3-1 RS3.3 - Rectangular, circle and custom region selection options. User should select one then drag region onto the image
18.IMAGEZOOM.R3-2 RS3.3 - Tool can be deselected by clicking the region option again
07.IANNOTATION.R7 RS3.3 Command Buttons
07.IANNOTATION.R7-1 RS3.3 - Save – To save the annotation
07.IANNOTATION.R7-2 RS3.3 - Delete – To delete a selected annotation (with authorisation)
07.IANNOTATION.R8 RS3.3 Image Information
07.IANNOTATION.R8-1 RS3.3 - Display information about the image loaded into the tool. (Name, Description, image size, format, owner

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