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The most common way to run the Populater as a Windows service is to prepare it for running in "queue mode".


  1. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library 2005 Redistributable package (unless it is already installed). To do this, run <KIM_HOME>\bin\utils\vcredist_x86.exe.
  2. Set the KIM_HOME environment variable from the system variables.

Running the KIM populator as a service from a mounted network drive will not work.

After you have made the necessary adjustments to the configuration files and the service is registered, you can start it and stop it from the Windows Services control panel. As there is no visible console, if the ConsoleAppender is set as a logging target, the output is sent to <KIM_INSTALL_FOLDER>logwrapper.log. You can monitor the messages produced during execution from there.

If a stop command is sent to the service while the population of a document is still in progress, first the population of the document is completed and then the service stops.

Registering the populater as a Windows service

KIM provides a tool for performing this task - <KIM_HOME>bin\tools\populater-service. This is the synopsis of the tool:

Running the populater in console mode, not as service, is usually used just for debugging and requires no windows service registration.

The general way to work with the tool is to install the populater as a Windows Service once:

and then to start/stop it though the Windows Service management tool or through the script:

The start type of the service is set to Automatic by default, which allows the module to start automatically when the operating system is restarted. You can change this in the Windows Service console window:

  1. Go to Control Panel, open Administrative Tools and select the KIM populater module.
  2. Open the service properties panel by right-clicking on its row.
  3. Change the start-up type in the General tab and click OK for confirmation.
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