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Data access

Test Objects

(via Pubby)
This is a great start, we should turn it into Test Cases:

  • describing what to watch for - done
  • providing links to pubby, TTL, VUFind, Lido, and in the future RS - Pubby has link (top right) to collection object VuFind that contains both XML LIDO and RDF, TTL is all on Box for now.

Matching Authorities

YCBA Examples with URIs to authorities that could be used in matching RS records. These will be used in demonstrations. 

See Google docs

Yale Example URIs (sorted by ObjectID)

  • subjectPlace
  • 2 titles
  • former attribution

  • Subject Concept that are part of AAT and TGN
  • curatorial comment
  • Subject Place part of TGN
  • has many bibliographic citations (example: Julia Marciari-Alexander, _This other Eden, paintings from the Yale Center for British Art, _Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, CT, 1998, pp. 14-17, fig. 14, ND1314.3 Y36 1998 (YCBA))
  • large metadata (74k ttl)

  • copyrighted object
  • no restrictions on image for YCBA

  • subjectActor, some with VIAF ID, some without any ID

  • Inscription
  • Lettering

  • has subjectConcept "Apollo and Diana kill Niobe's children" from ICONCLASS
  • Actor with complex nationality: Richard Wilson, 1712 or 1713-1782, British, active in Italy 1750-1756

  • subjectConcept term 'war' is Library of Congress subject heading

  • weight measurement
  • bust/sculpture
  • subjectActor with ULAN ID 500004415: Peter Tillemans

  • Apollo and Diana kill Nione's children as ICONCLASS subjectConcept

  • Ceramic
  • subjectActor with ULAN ID

  • Has 1 Repository title, 1 Verso title and 1 Collective title


  • Damien Hirst's installation with many parts, not always rearranged in the same order for exhibitions

  • preparatory oil sketch for the painting Hadleigh Castle by Constable, also in the YCBA collection
  • large metadata (91k ttl)

  • Joshua Reynolds' "Miss Prue"
  • has conceptActor 'Abington, Frances (1737--1815), actress' with VIAF unique identifier
  • large metadata (69k ttl)

  • has subjectEvent term 'World War I" 
  • object under copyright
  • 2 rights holders
  • 1 rights administrator
  • images under copyright


  • Material (etching, wove paper) and Material Type (medium, support, technique)

  •  Likelihood: Formerly

  •  Likelihood: Circle of

  •  Likelihood: Follower of

  • Brass Rubbing

  • Object Type: Drawing & Watercolor

  • Getty TGN Subject Place

  • miniature watercolor
  • 2 alternate titles (former)
  • technique: scraping

  • Period / Culture

  •  Likelihood: Style of

  • 2 dimension elements: sheet and contemporary drawn border
  • has subjectPlace tags

  • subjectObject
  • subjectActor
  • subjectConcept

  • print
  • 2 dimension sets (image and image)
  • dimension description (cropped to plate) 
  • creator with date of activity, not life dates
  • inscription; not signed, not dated; not marked
  • actor role: printmaker
  • qualification: print made by

  • print
  • actor role: printmaker
  • description of dimension: 'image aligns exactly with platemarks'

  •  Marks (Inscription)

  • Event: 'Grand Tour'

  •  Likelihood: After

  • actor role: printmaker
  •  Likelihood: After
  • 2 production types: pritmaking and artistic production

  •  Likelihood: Studio of

  •  Likelihood: Imitator of

  • A nice complicated case!
  • A print made by Samuel Palmer (1805-1881) that was completed by Alfred Herbert Palmer (1853-1931), who also has the role of printmaker.  
  • Date: plate etched between ca. 1880 and 1883; impression printed in 1924.  This is problematic because the dates of 2 production events (printmaking and printing) that happened at different times are conflated into one data field.  As the data stands and is indexed (1875 to 1923) it seems that the production event carried on continuously for 48 years, which is not the case because we know nothing happened in 1900 for example.

  •  Likelihood: Attributed to

  •  Likelihood: Workshop of

  • Dimension (hight, width, depth, etc.)
  • Element (frame, mount, sheet, etc.)

  • Getty ULAN Subject Actor

  • this record was released and now deleted, the object contains delete flag in OAI-PMH 
  • good example of how graph data can be deleted

  •  Signed and Dated (inscription)

  • Likelihood: Formely Attributed to

  • Archive
  • The Medium field reads: Approximately 990 photographic negatives in three metal containers

  • Rare book (in the Prints & Drawings department)
  • Bound volume containing text and 73 wood engravings

  • Video
  • The Medium field reads: Beta tape, DVD, and exhibition catalogue "The Clearing", in cloth covered case impressed with "The Clearing / Ori Gersht"

  • frame
  • frame keywords -1

  • 3 production types: printmaking (printmaker), artistic production (artist), and publishing (publisher)
  • alternate title
  • support
  • technique
  • Inscription and lettering
  • No signatures or inscribed dates, no marks
  • 2 dimension sets: sheet and sheet description (cropped inside plate) and image
  • subjectActor with ULAN unique ID 500278089
  • subjectActor with VIAF unique ID 69322190

  • 3 production types: printmaking (printmaker), artistic production (artist), and publishing (publisher)
  • alternate title
  • support
  • technique
  • 3 dimension sets: sheet, plate, image
  • Inscription and lettering
  • No signatures or inscribed dates, no marks
  • subjectActor but no unique ID anywhere for Gertrude Fitzpatrick
  • local subjectConcept 'clouds' with AAT unique ID

  • 2 production types: printmaking and publishing
  • likelihood of authorship: after
  • alternate title
  • technique
  • support
  • no marks, no signatures, no inscriptions
  • lettering
  • subjectActor Tipu Sultan of Mysore (1750--1799) with VIAF unique ID 64808584
  • subjectEvent: Third Anglo-Mysore War (1789-1792)

BM Example PRNs

These were used as samples while developing the conversion

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