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Test results

search criterion label OK/NOK MO comment
1899 19thC OK    
1900 20thC NOK RFM1777 Correct is 19thC. 20th century AC begun on 1st of Jan 1901 and ended on 31 Dec 2000
2000 21stC NOK RFM41785 Correct is 20thC. See above
100 2ndC NOK WCO24995 Correct is 1stC. Same as above holds for 1stC AD
100BC 2ndC BC NOK   Correct is 1stC BC. 1stC BC started on the first day of 100 BC and ended on the last day of 1 BC
99BC 1stC BC OK    
99bc 1stC BC OK    
99BC 1stC Bc OK    
99bc 1stC bC OK    
99 BC 1stC BC OK    
99 bc 1stC BC OK    
99 BC 1stC BC OK    
99AD 1stC OK    
99ad 1stC OK    
99aD 1stC OK    
99Ad 1stC OK    
99 AD 1stC OK    
99 ad 1stC OK    
99 AD 1stC OK    
0 1stC OK    
101-199 2ndC OK    
99-99 1stC OK    
99-55 1stC NOK?   from older than to?
100-55BC 500 results NOK?   from older than to?
1BC-1 1stBC-1stC OK WCO22382  
1 BC - 1 1stBC-1stC OK    
1BC-1AD 1stC BC-1stC OK WCO154625  
1 bc - 1 ad 1stC BC-1stC OK    
0-0 1stBC-1stC OK WCO22382 The left 0 means 1stC BC (see spec) but search 0-0 kind of does not suggest that. Maybe reconsider the spec?
110- 2ndC NOK?OK WCO24995 Need spec for that case?
-110   NOK?OK   FR changed to identified by. Need spec?
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