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13.COREFSERV.R1 RS3.5 Each project may have one or more sameAs services, representing equivalences between different mappings or expressing different contexts.
13.COREFSERV.R2 RS? Individual project members could also have additional personal sameAs stores; however this is likely to be unnecessary for the majority of users and only used in advanced scenarios. On the whole it is anticipated that a more usual workflow is to permit project members to contribute to a single notion of equivalence which is shared across the project.
13.COREFSERV.R3 RS3.5 A sameAs service is agnostic to the types of the URIs it manages – it can be used to represent other predicates such as owl:equivalentProperty in the same way as owl:sameAs.
13.COREFSERV.R4 RS3.5 In the context of ResearchSpace, the sameAs store is used for managing the following mappings:
-          Between different thesauri;
-          Within a single thesaurus;
-          Linking NIR (Non-Information Resource) equivalence between datasets;
-          Linking NIR equivalence within datasets;
-          Ontology equivalence to non-RS ontologies.
13.COREFSERV.R5 RS3.5 The sameAs services are sited entirely on the main RS server, accessed via Data Interface.
13.COREFSERV.R6 RS3.5 Research tools and other components will make frequent lookup requests to sameAs stores via the Data Interface, as well as facilitating the management and addition of data to sameAs stores.
The Data Interface requires access to Authentication Interface and ResearchSpace Registry to determine which sameAs stores to access.
13.COREFSERV.R7 RS3.5 The ResearchSpace Data Interface shall provide a REST-like service such that given a specific resource or concept, additional equivalent concepts may be retrieved. The Data Interface shall function as a meta-service, aggregating results from a number of sameAs stores, as determined by user preferences and permissions accessible via the presence of an authentication token.
13.COREFSERV.R8 RS3.5 Components within the ResearchSpace environment may request that data is added or removed to a specific sameAs store, given appropriate authentication. URI equivalences are created by pair-wise assertion, with an optional accompanying comment. This is the sole way of asserting equivalence knowledge into the sameAs store. The sameAs service can roll-back assertions to the point at which an erroneous pair was asserted
13.COREFSERV.R9 RS3.5 The outputs of a sameAs query are a set of URIs, including the submitted query term. The query can be parameterised (either in the URL or by Content Negotiation) to request the format for the returned bundle, such as RDF/XML, text/N3, and results returned accordingly.
13.COREFSERV.R10 RS3.5 The sameAs service is passive, and does not initiate any actions on other components.
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