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Repository creation on the dev server

See these instructions - Repository Creation

Repository creation via Sesame Workbench

Note. The options also apply to creation via OWLIM API.

  • Type: OWLIM-SE
  • ID: xxx
  • Title: (put a descriptive title)
  • Storage folder: storage (this is the default folder for OWLIM/Sesame)
  • Ruleset: OWL-Horst
    We also discuss OWL-RL-optimizied
  • Base URL: (suggested by Vlado; only needed for susana.ttl)
  • Imported RDF files(';' delimited): ?
    • ecrm_current.owl
    • skos.rdf
    • rso.ttl
    • thesauri.ttl
    • susana.ttl
  • Default namespaces for imports(';' delimited): <leave blank>
  • Full-text search indexing policy: ?Never (TBD. w/ OWLIM team)
  • Full-text search literals only: True (TBD. w/ OWLIM team; then discuss what we need)
  • Cache literal language tags: ? (TBD. w/ OWLIM team)

Repository creation/update and deployment with a script

  • svn: researchspace/trunk/entity-api
  • bin/create-repo - create/replace the repository in resources/repositores/susana
  • bin/deploy-repo - put the new repo in Sesame Wb/Forest, restart tomcat
  • TODO: Install & fix this to work on the dev server
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