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  • OWLIM repository is created from the files in trunk/data, which needs to be updated with the latest files
  • entity-api is the project that is responsible for the repository creation
  • we use two separate scripts, one to generate the repository, and another to deploy it. This is because the repository creation can fail due to various reasons
  • the creation script also updates entity-api and data projects to the latest version
  • the SVN projects are checked out to /nidata/researchspace/trunk on the dev server


The whole update is executed as follows (but read the next section for the details first)

  • login to the dev server
  • run the following commands (checking if each step went ok):

Update instructions

  • Login (ssh) to the dev server, see [0 Contacts] for login details
  • Go to entity-api folder
  • Create the repository
  • Check if it says BUILD Successful at the end
    The successful output looks like this:
  • Add the annotation points (takes about 2.5h; this is why we start it with "nohup")
  • Check if everything went ok
    • It should say "BUILD SUCCESSFUL" at the end
  • If both the creation and the annotations went OK, deploy either as "susana" or as "":
    • For "susana"
    • For ""

Note. Both deploy scripts stop and the start the tomcat where the openrdf-workbench is deployed.

Note. If you are building on a less well endowed box you may benefit from reducing the -Xmx12g JVM parameter to around -Xmx3g in the create-repo script

Important steps in BM Repository Creation

  • Set "FR-Implementation" as BM Repository ruleset;
  • Insert both the ontology and BM data within SystemTransaction;
  • Add the ontology to the BM repository:
    Loading the ontology *.ttl files(listed in String array A) from main loading directory - ../data
  • Fixing QUDT units:
    Executing insert Sparql query for {?u a skos:Concept; skos:inScheme unit: }
    where {?u qudt:symbol ?s}
  • Add main BM Thesauri
    Loading thesauri *.trig files from server directory: data/BM/thesauri;
  • Simplify ECRM: remove owl:Restriction:
    Executing query - "delete where {?e rdfs:subClassOf ?t. ?t a owl:Restriction}",
    Following "RS owl:Restriction" RS-1279-Optimize repo loading,
    delete blank node types owl:Restriction (will reduce size by 24%);
    Note: The DELETE doesn't work well. Therefore RS-1279 "variant 2 becomes the preferred one". And RS-1370 makes an ontology without owl:Restriction, where this DELETE step is not needed(
  • Fix thesauri labels:
    It is now fixed (does not generate extra pref labels). See RS-1040.
  • Create thesauri index:
    Selecting by rdf:type skos:Concept to .uri files,
    applying Lucene parameters and creating index via ASK queries included in "thes.lucene":
    luc:moleculeSize = "2";
    luc:index = "uris";
    luc:includeEntities = "";
    luc:includePredicates = "<>";
    luc:languages = "en,nl,none";
    luc:useRDFRank = "yes";
  • Main BM data adding
    Loading from /BM/data/
  • Add paintings
    Executing /InsertMainImageQueries.sparql inserting rdf:type rso:E38_Main_Image statements,
    getting via rso:P3_has_image_file certain ".jpg" files listed
  • Fix RS-1375 issues:
    Delete orphan Image (asset) statements;
    Currently disabled.
  • Adding BM images
    Loading from /BM/data/
  • Create main index
    Replaced with the following points:
  • Total Object counting
    Counting rdf:type rso:FC70_Thing objects
  • Calculating Thesaurus Counts
    Saving them in HashMap for further usage
  • Saving Thesaurus counts to RDF Knowledge Base repository
  • Creating Autocomplete Index
    Using StandardAnalyzer Version.LUCENE_35
    Iterating through sparql selecting thesauri skos:inScheme and optionally crm:P3_has_note, skos:scopeNote, skos:altLabel; rso:numberOfUses
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