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RForms is now hosted on google code (last time I looked, 4-5m ago, it was in a confluence. I guess Jana has looked at the google code).
A couple more projects by the same people, maybe worth investigating.

All have google groups for discussion, but with no or very little traffic.


This is the former name of RForms. It was a Swing app; RForms are JS.
SHAME- Annotation profiles- Configuring forms to edit RDF (DCMA 2007).pdf
ntroduces the Annotation Profile Model as a configuration mechanism from which annotation tools can be automatically generated.
The intention is to encourage metadata- or domain experts to define annotation profiles according to metadata vocabularies. This will allow end-users or administrators to select appropriate annotation profiles for the task at hand, and then an editor will be provided by the underlying system.
Discusses the design of the Annotation Profile Model, which consists of a data-capturing part (the Graph Pattern Model) and a
presentation part (the Form Template model). An implementation that can generate both web-based and standalone editors is also introduced

  • Keywords: application profile; RDF editing; SPARQL; Fresnel; XForms
  • I found this paper while looking for RDF graph-visualization tools (Fresnel is a language for defining visualizations). But ALL the keywords are relevant to our problem.
  • Must be researched in great detail. Promises working software under LGPL (SHAME).



Formulator: Form Editor

Demo: Simple Form

Demo: LOM form

Learning Object Model editor for the Organic.Edunet EU project

Demo: Competency form

From the Hematology.Net EU project. Several hundred competences layed out in 40 grids.

Confugurable Editor

Java standalone (Swing), includes tabs

JavaScript library that provides a way to edit and present RDF in form like interfaces. RForms relies on a templating mechanism, RForms-templates, to specify the RDF structures to edit/present and how the form should look like including labels, help texts, order, cardinality, grouping/sections, stylesheeting
Formerly: SHAME
Demos: (3 forms)
Group:!forum/rforms-discuss with a single topic posted by Jana.

  • Seems to be under active development by Palmer.
  • E.g. Jun 18 2012: First version of to RForms-templates converter

Reference implementation of the Resource and Metadata Management Model (ReM3).
Formerly: SCAM (Standardized Contextualized Access to Metadata) framework
EntryScape (formerly "Confolio"): RIA app that provides portfolios for individuals and groups. Each portfolio provides a place to store resources – in the form of uploaded files, web content, physical entities or abstract concepts – together with descriptive metadata. These resources can be private or shared with others and they can be connected to each other using predicates.
Exposes the capabilities of ReM3 and EntryStore through its user interface.

initiative for collaborative semantic resources.

  • Open Application JavaScript Library
    Inter-widget communication using HTML5's postMessage.
    Resource API for working with semantic resources over XMLHttpRequest or OpenSocial's OAuth proxy (when used from an OpenSocial gadget).
  • Open Application Resource Server
    Hosting of semantic resources, including persistence and a RESTful, Linked Data interface.
  • Open Application Spec (last edit 2010-12-21)
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