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The card sorting exercise was repeated here this time on the basis that the admin had selected a specific project. We feel that dividing admin tasks associated with projects into that section makes sense for us rather than administrating all projects from single point. Project admin has many specific and detailed settings which need to be done at a per project level.

Project Admin Dashboard: Schematic

DO Comments

This section looks well covered.

Question: Can Project Administrators create new projects or does this need to be done by the RS Administrator.

There needs to some indication of how the PA sorts and filters, for example project activity.

There needs to be some connect between research questions and the social networking set up. The process of starting a new research question equates with setting up a new discussion, for example.

Perhaps a little more though about how the user enters a particcular forum. Would you go to the correct form by clicking on a research question 

Would add file actually ask for a document library area to save to. Would you just go to the document library to upload a file??

Need to work out the columns to be added to the information and which ones are sortable. For example, in activity box this would have columns for the user, the fourm, the date and time etc....

Page widgets area has updated to show project specific items

Project Admin Project Dashboard wireframe

Notes on each element / additional functions contained within them contained on the right in the post it notes.

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  1. Oct 30, 2011

    I agree with Dominic about setting up "research questions" some of these questions are overall Project "Aims" and are, I believe, more than categories for threads in social networking. - they show up in the " Page Widget- Project Admin".

    Many of these key questions would be set out in the initiation of a project and others might be generated during a project. Would it be useful to to have a feature like "Set up/modify/ goals-questions" in the "Actions"?

    Another Action relates to the set-up of events/dates related to the project - a calendar? (NB Research Space Administrator would set up start/end or other key dates.)

    Regarding the "message" function - it is likely that messages could be related to specific activity - hence it would be important that messages sent could reflect both the project name/activity/subject of the post. If users are involved in more than one project, it would useful that their messages are sorted into folders (?) related to different projects.