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  • should try Nuxeo DAM/DM edition
  • rich customisable semantic vocabularies, uses Jena api and Apache Stanbol semantic entities
  • Advanced image processing (JAI, ImageJ, Sanselan), image preview storyboard of videos, area annotations
  • Faceted filtering
  • Various Metadata, eg geographic coverage
  • used by CollectionSpace and BBC Mobile Portal (100M hits/m)
  • completely open source (they don't sell software but maintenance services)
  • Mike@SSL and Vlado asked ourselves whether CollectionSpace is an appropriate DMS choice for ResearchSpace
    • Browsed a bit the demo installation on their site, but couldn't find any attached images/docs
    • Mike asked Oldman if CollectionSpace used a CMS. He said it uses Nuxeo
    • Mike: This must be quite a strong pointer in favour of Nuxeo, although both Nuxeo and Alfresco are Java.
    • Oldman has been trying to get SSL to commercialize CollectionSpace, which is a Mellon-funded project to develop a collection management system
  • PavelCh is positively impressed by Nuxeo. He says it seems easier to develop with (whereas Alfresco is easier to customize)
    • TODO Pavel: look at Nuxeo's semantic capabilities
    • TODO ITT: run a Nuxeo dev tutorial and try to compare to Alfresco dev (which is easier...)
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