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Nuxeo IDE is an Eclipse plugin that enables Java developers to customize Nuxeo applications. It provides an environment and features adapted to Nuxeo's projects. Java developers can work on Nuxeo applications in their familiar environment and they have Nuxeo-related features directly available. So both Nuxeo experts and developers new to Nuxeo can use it to customize Nuxeo applications easily.


Most imporant features of the IDE are:

  • Setup Nuxeo Plugin project - generates a skeleton of a plugin project including Maven POM and dependencies
  • Managing Nuxeo Server - ability to start and stop Nuxeo from the IDE
  • Hot redeployment - allows redeploying of Nuxeo plugins (developed as Eclipse projects) without restarting the whole server
  • Starting Nuxeo in debug mode - allows remote debugging of Nuxeo
  • Nuxeo source code - along with the dependencies, the IDE also provides the source code making it easy to debug the container


Nuxeo can be debugged using remote debugging.
Start the Nuxeo Server in Debug mode and use the following guide to connect the Eclipse debugger to Nuxeo.


Nuxeo IDE saves a lot of turnaround time (build, deploy, restart of Nuxeo) and is a MUST when developing Nuxeo extensions.
When develop manually you should write the code, build an OSGi bundle (about 40 secs), deploy the jar to the server (~10-20 secs) and restart the server (~1 min). With the IDE a module is redeployed in seconds (usually less then 5).


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