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Nuxeo DMS installation and configuration

Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
Java Source jaxws-api-2.2.1.jar 53 kB Stanislav Kostadinov Nov 09, 2011 23:53    
Java Source jaxb-api-2.2.2.jar 103 kB Stanislav Kostadinov Nov 09, 2011 23:53    

Download Nuxeo DM

Nuxeo configuration information

Nuxeo port initialization
Ports were edited in thta file: $NUXEO_HOME/templates/default/nuxeo.defaults

$NUXEO_HOME is the extracted installation directory

Libs to add

Libs from must be copied in $NUXEO_HOME/nxserver/libs

Nuxeo plugins

Destination of the plugins is: $NUXEO_HOME/nxserver/plugins
Research space jar with all extensions for the project is over there (nuxeo-research-space.jar). Jar is archived by Maven from the nuxeo project in svn (

Configuration of Nuxeo Tomcat distribution

There are 2 jars that might create conflicts during apache tomcat server start. They are jaxb-api and jaxws-api. Tomcat distribution that comes with that installation is Tomcat 5.. If your java development kit (JDK)/java runtime environment (JRE) is 6. the installation of java comes with older versions of the 2 jars. They should be updated that way:

Nuxeo plugin for Eclipse 3.6

Use main menu navigation in eclipse: Help > Eclipse Marketplace.
Search for Nuxeo and click install.
Checkout research space (or whatever project you want) and use nuxeo views in eclipse:

Connecting Nuxeo to PostgreSQL 9.1 database

The easiest way is to configure from admin center or Startup Wizard

After Postgre DB is configured start and stop nuxeo server.

In previously created postgre nuxeo db, to update the title fulltext index, just perform the following SQL query:


Instal DM libraries

Start server using $NUXEO_HOME/nuxeoctl.bat wizard
Opein in browser http://$NUXEO_HOST:$PORT/nuxeo
On step Modules check DM libraries.
Restart server.

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