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Thesaurus labels, FR Names, relation between FRs and Thesauri
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"Meta-thesaurus" is a fancy name for a thesaurus that describes each thesaurus in RS

Iconclass                                           << meta-thesaurus
  Susanna bathing, usually in or near a fountain... << thesaurus value
RKD Keywords                                        << meta-thesaurus
  Old testament & apocryphal                        << thesaurus value

Included information

The meta-thesaurus includes the following info:

  • rdf:type: always skos:ConceptScheme
  • rso:hasDomain: a specific CRM class (see BMX Issues#Thesaurus Requirements for details) used to make connection to FRs (see below):
    crm:E39_Actor (including crm:E21_Person, crm:E74_Group, crm:E40_Legal_Body),
    crm:E4_Period (a named event; BM has such thesauri though we do not yet relate to them in RS3.4),
    crm:E55_Type (excluding the more specific classes below),
    crm:E58_Measurement_Unit (though there are no FRs for it)
  • rso:isSearchable (0,1, denoted as s in the table below): Although FRs drill deep and wide into the object, some thesauri are not applicable to FC70_Thing, so they are not searchable
  • rso:isTag (0,1, denoted as t in the table below): Whether the thesaurus is "interesting enough" to be used as a source of tags. Tags are general categories to be used for categorization of research questions and comments, see Tags Spec
  • rdfs:label shown in the UI (after the term in FR search).
    • Includes the data source, so the user can distinguish one thesaurus from another, eg:
      RKD Artist, RKD Person, BM Person/Institution, RKD Object, BM Object
    • Terms are printed like this (during and after auto-completion):
      Rembrandt [RKD Artist, BM Person/Institution], Bredius [RKD Person], Painting [RKD Object], Painting [BM Object]

      The thesaurus name in brackets indicates the dataset that the term comes from, and can find objects from.
      Coreferenced terms show both thesauri, indicating that objects from both datasets can be found with this one term.

  • rdfs:comment including examples and a link where appropriate (not currently used by the system)


Meta-thesaurus table

  • Click on the headings to sort the table.
  • The actual meta-thesaurus is generated from the table below using Emacs macros.
    All hail Emacs!

6-Feb-2017: broken into subsections for easier external linking.

BM Thesaurus

See for CSV download and BM-thes-count.txt for counts.

URI rso:hasDomain s t rdfs:label rdfs:comment crm:E31_Document 0 1 BM Bibliography Specific publication (book, journal, mongraph) crm:E39_Actor 1 1 BM Person/Institution Person/Institution (biographical) crm:E55_Type 0 0 BM Place Name Type Type of place name, eg modern, archaic crm:E55_Type 0 1 BM Place Type Type of place, eg town, village, parish, metaphysical crm:E53_Place 1 1 BM Place Place, allowing both historical and modern names crm:E55_Type 0 1 BM Acquisition Acquisition Type, eg Bequeathed by, In Honor of crm:E55_Type 0 1 BM Aspect Aspect (feature) of an object, eg front/back, obverse/reverse, edge crm:E55_Type 0 1 BM Association Type of Association of object to some entity, eg place: Original from, Topographic representation of crm:E55_Type 0 1 BM Authority Type of authority responsible for creating the object, eg Issuer, Ruler, Governor crm:E55_Type 1 1 BM Currency Monetary currency crm:E39_Actor 1 1 BM Department Department, eg 'Coins and Medals' crm:E55_Type 0 1 BM Dimension Dimension, eg height, width, axis, curvature, circumference crm:E55_Type 1 1 BM Escape Horological (clock/watches) components crm:E39_Actor 1 1 BM Ethnographic Group Ethnographic Group, eg 'Egyptian' crm:E4_Period 1 1 BM Event Historic event, eg 'Capture of Olinda de Phernambuco' crm:E55_Type 0 0 BM Identifier Identifier type, eg Public Record Number, Codex database id, Registration Number crm:E55_Type 0 1 BM Inscription Subject Inscription Subject, eg Magical, Legal, Literary crm:E55_Type 0 1 BM Inscription Type Inscription Type, eg Monogram, Merchant's mark crm:E55_Type 0 1 BM Likelihood Likelihood of authorship attribution, eg Ascribed to, Attributed to, Formerly attributed to crm:E4_Period 1 1 BM Period/Culture Material culture / Historic period, eg Egyptian, Ur II crm:E57_Material 1 1 BM Material Physical material crm:E39_Actor 1 1 BM Nationality Person's nationality (eg French, Spanish) crm:E55_Type 1 1 BM Object Type of object, eg arrow, knife crm:E4_Period 1 1 BM Political State Political State e.g. Roman Empire crm:E55_Type 0 1 BM Production Place Type Production Place Association, eg Factory, Workshop, Retailed in crm:E55_Type 0 1 BM Production Production type, eg Printing, Scribing, Moneying crm:E55_Type 1 1 BM School Historic, regional and artistic genre, style, school of work crm:E55_Type 1 1 BM Series Type Series type (a specialisation of the object type) crm:E55_Type 1 1 BM Subject Actual and abstract themes and subjects depicted in a work rso:E55_Technique 1 1 BM Technique Craft and manufacturing technique rso:E55_Technique 0 1 BM Treatment Conservation treatment crm:E58_Measurement_Unit 0 1 BM Unit Unites of measurement for dimension, e.g. cm, mm, grams, % of rim etc. crm:E55_Type 1 1 BM Ware Type of pottery and ceramics

YCBA Thesaurus

URI rso:hasDomain s t rdfs:label rdfs:comment data source ObjectID crm:E55_Type 0 0 YCBA Actor Activity Active, Born   105 crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Authority Type of authority responsible for creating the object, eg: artist, maker, printer, printmaker, publisher lido:roleActor 7 crm:E39_Actor 1 1 YCBA Department Department, eg 'Frames', 'Paintings and Sculpture', 'Prints and Drawings' oai:setSpec Paintings and Sculpture: 7, Prints and Drawings: 66162, Frames: 64421 crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Dimension Eg depth, diameter, height, length, weight, width lido:measurementsSet 38435 crm:E4_Period 1 1 YCBA Event Historic event, eg Grand Tour; World War, 1914-1918; Battle of Waterloo; Shakespeare Jubilee, 1769; Third Anglo-Mysore War (1789-1792); etc lido:eventType/lido:term 22010 crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Event Type eg 'exhibition history', 'production', 'curatorial comment' lido:eventSet/lido:event/lido:eventType/lido:term crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Element Measurement extent: frame, image, mount, sheet, contemporary drawn border, Base or socle lido:extentMeasurements 38435 crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Gender eg, male, female, unknown lido:genderActor crm:E55_Type 1 1 YCBA Genres Eg caricature, animal art, architectural subject, cityscape, figure study, genre subject, historical subject, landscape, marine art, portrait, sporting art, still life, abstract art, botanical subject, anatomical study, religious and mythological subject, literary theme, cartographic material, military art lido:objectWorkType/lido:term crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Group Studio of, workshop of, circle of crm:E55_Type 0 0 YCBA Identifier Identifier type, eg Accession number, ObjectID lido:workID/@lido:type 7 crm:E55_Type 0 0 YCBA Exhibition Identifier Eg 248 lido:eventSet/lido:event/lido:eventID[lido:type="TMS"] crm:E55_Type 0 0 YCBA Identifier Source Eg TMS, CCD, LIDOrecID


, crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Aspect / Image View After treatment, Back (3D objects & books), Verso (2D paintings, drawings), Before Treatment, Cropped to Image CDS contentSet/content/metadata@caption 1007 crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Image Format sm, med, large, print-lg, JP2000 CDS contentSet/content/derivative/@format 1007 crm:E30_Right 0 0 YCBA Image Right crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Inscription Inscription, Lettering, Signature lido:inscriptionWrap/lido:inscriptions [@lido:type!="Marks"]/lido:inscriptionTranscription 120 crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Likelihood Likelihood of authorship attribution, eg Attributed to, Formerly, Formerly attributed to lido:attributionQualifierActor Attributed to: 34363; Formerly: 7935; Formerly attributed to: 51708 crm:E4_Period 1 1 YCBA Culture British, American, Dutch, etc lido:culture 11612 crm:E57_Material 1 1 YCBA Material Physical material, eg: (medium) oil paint, graphite, pen, brown ink; (Support): wove paper, laid paper, canvas lido:termMaterialsTech 7632 crm:E55_Type 0 0 YCBA Material Type Only 2: medium, support lido:termMaterialsTech/@type 7632 crm:E39_Actor 1 1 YCBA Nationality Person's nationality (eg French, Spanish) lido:nationalityActor/lido:term crm:E55_Type 1 1 YCBA Object Eg painting, frame, drawing, watercolor, intaglio print, relief print, planographic print, mechanical print, miniature, altarpiece, bozzetto/sketch, bust, herm, high relief, low relief, medallion, misericord, model, overmantel, statue, statuette lido:objectWorkType drawing & watercolor: 10676 crm:E30_Right 0 0 YCBA Object Right crm:E39_Actor 1 1 YCBA Person/Institution Person/Institution (biographical) crm:E53_Place 1 1 YCBA Place Historic or modern place: St. Paul's Cathedral, Walsingham church, Aqua Claudia, Colosseum. (Local terms not in our TMS copy of TGN (15+ year old copy) lido:placeID[@lido:source="local" and @lido:type="subjectPlace" and .=-1] 10753 crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Production Production type, eg Artistic production, Making, Printing, Printmaking, Publishing lido:roleActor[lido:conceptID/@lido:type="Object related role]/lido:term (converts actor role 'Maker' into production type 'Making') Maker/Making: 64089 (frame), Printer/Printing: 22536, Printmaker/Printmaking: 21891, Publisher/Publishing: 66162 crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Contribution Qualification commenced by, completed by, finished by crm:E55_Type 1 1 YCBA Subject Objects, actual and abstract themes and subjects depicted in a work, eg clouds, mist, discussion. (Local subjects not in our TMS copy of AAT) lido:conceptID[@lido:source="local" and lido:type="subjectConcept" and .=-1]/lido:term 22015 rso:E55_Technique 1 1 YCBA Technique Craft and manufacturing techniques, eg scraping, gilding, etching (printing process) lido:conceptID[@lido:type="technique"]/lido:term 11575 crm:E55_Type 0 1 YCBA Title Repository, alternate, collective, creator's, exhibited, foreign language, former, inscribed, verso lido:titleSet/@lido:type crm:E58_Measurement_Unit 0 1 YCBA Unit Units of measurement, e.g. centimeters, kilograms lido:measurementsSet/lido:measurementUnit 1480

Other Thesauri

URI rso:hasDomain s t rdfs:label rdfs:comment data source ObjectID crm:E55_Type 1 1 IconClass Iconography from

, eg Apollo and Diana kill Niobe's children

lido:subjectConcept[lido:conceptID/ @lido:type="subjectConcept" and lido:conceptID=-1]/lido:term 40392 crm:E58_Measurement_Unit 0 0 QUDT Unit eg 'Centimeter'. From rso:E55_Technique 0 1 RKD Sampling Analytical Technique eg 'AES (Atomic Emission Spectroscopy)' crm:E55_Type 0 0 RKD Area Captured eg OVERALL, DETAIL; FRONT, BACK crm:E39_Actor 1 1 RKD Artist Someone who created a painting, eg 'Rembrandt' crm:E55_Type 0 1 RKD Artistic Context 'copied by', 'signed by', 'put into print by' crm:E55_Type 0 1 RKD Documentation eg 'X-ray film' crm:E39_Actor 1 1 RKD Collection/Institution collection (eg Mauritshuis), exhibition host crm:E55_Type 1 1 RKD Keywords eg 'Old testament & apocryphal', 'Griekse mythologie' crm:E55_Type 1 1 RKD Object eg Painting, Frame crm:E55_Type 0 1 RKD Object Status eg before/during/after treatment crm:E39_Actor 1 1 RKD Person A researcher, carpenter, etc. Eg 'Bredius' crm:E53_Place 1 1 RKD Place eg 'Amsterdaam', 'Parijs' crm:E55_Type 0 1 RKD Attribution Qualification eg 'attributed to', 'style/after/was' crm:E55_Type 0 1 RKD Research Reason/Objective eg 'cat. Rembrandt in the Mauritshuis 1978' crm:E55_Type 0 1 RKD Research eg 'X-Radiography' crm:E55_Type 0 1 RKD Sample Type eg 'thin (cross-)section' crm:E55_Type 1 1 RKD Shape eg Vertical rectangle, Horizontal rectangle crm:E55_Type 0 1 RKD Signature eg 'signed and dated' crm:E57_Material 1 1 RKD Material (Support/Frame) eg 'panel (oak wood)' (painting), 'wood (gold plated)' (frame) rso:E55_Technique 1 1 RKD Technique eg 'oil paint' crm:E55_Type 0 1 RKD Collection Type eg 'Museum', 'Private Collection' crm:E55_Type 1 1 RKD Location eg 'RKD/TD/archive restauration Oranjezaal' crm:E55_Type 1 1 AAT All the rest of AAT: Objects, Associated Concepts, Physical Attributes, Agents (kinds of agents, not specific agents!), Brand Names castle crm:E4_Period 1 1 AAT Styles/Periods Styles and Periods Facet: British, American, etc rso:E55_Technique 1 1 AAT Activities Activities facet (includes Processes and Techniques): printing, etc crm:E57_Material 1 1 AAT Materials Materials Facet: marble, oil paint, ... crm:E53_Place 1 1 TGN Place Historic or modern place: London, Thames, Paris, Essex, United Kingdom lido:placeID 11502 crm:E39_Actor 1 1 ULAN Person/Institution Person/Institution (biographical)   If yes, 39101 crm:E55_Type 0 0 Status eg 'original', 'proposed' crm:E58_Measurement_Unit 0 1 RS Currency eg 'HFL' (Holland Florin) crm:E55_Type 0 1 RS Dimension 'height', 'width' crm:E55_Type 0 1 RS Event Type eg 'Exhbition', 'Auction' crm:E55_Type 1 1 RS IconClass eg 'Susanna bathing, usually in or near a fountain'. A few codes from crm:E55_Type 0 0 RS Identifier eg 'object record number', 'priref' crm:E55_Type 0 0 RS Note 'primary title', 'other title' crm:E55_Type 0 0 Other value eg 'justify', 'criticize' crm:E55_Type 0 1 RS Reference eg 'Literature Reference', 'Standard Source' crm:E55_Type 0 0 Reply eg 'agree', 'disagree' crm:E55_Type 0 1 RS Tag User-defined tags (dedicated tags thesaurus)    

Term Coreference using sameAs

TODO Vlado to expand
If a term is co-referenced between two thesauri (using owl:sameAs) then both labels are printed, so the user knows he will search across two data sources, eg:

Rembrandt [RKD Artist, BM Person/Institution]

Lucikly, whenever two terms are declared sameAs, their respective thesauri are equivalent with respect to rso:hasDomain.
Otherwise we'd get a messup with regards to FR compatibility.
This is another reason why rkd-person cannot be mapped to crm:Person, it has to be mapped to the same as bm-person-institution (which is crm:Agent). See last section

Using a Thesaurus as a Value

In a few cases, a thesaurus itself is used as a value to indicate the "super-type" of something, followed by a term type:

Trailing Slash

We use a trailing slash at the end of thesaurus URIs, so that term URIs use them as a prefix

  • A couple of people didn't like a qualified name with an empty local name, though it is valid syntax
  • Mitac: rkd-research:; sounds unusual, better use rkd:research;
  • Dido: a W3C recommendation is not to have "/" at the end of URIs
  • Vlado: an advantage of the present notation is that it textually relates the thesaurus type (rkd-research:) to thesaurus values (rkd-research:X-radiography)

FR Names

FR Implementation defines a number of FR (CRM Search) relations, and the meta-thesaurus describes the following info about them:

  • rso:hasRange is the class applicable to the FR
  • rso:hasOrder determines FR ordering and default (see FR Enhancements#Preferred FRs)
  • rdfs:label: label appearing in the search sentence. It's short because the following term includes the thesaurus name, eg:
    from Amsterdam [RKD Place] and from Rembrandt [RKD Artist] and is Painting [RKD Object] and Vertical rectangle [RKD Shape]
  • rdfs:comment: long description appearing in a tooltip

FR Names Table

Please edit this descriptive info, but don't change the meaning. The full meaning is described and depicted precisely in diagrams at FR Implementation (started from FRthing.docx by M.Doerr and K.Tzompanaki)

All hail Emacs!
FR property rso:hasRange o rdfs:label rdfs:comment scope note
rso:FR92i_created_by crm:E39_Actor 1 created/modified by Thing (or part/inscription thereof) was created or modified/repaired by Actor (or group it is member of) The individual or group who created or modified the object
rso:FR15_influenced_by crm:E39_Actor 2 influenced by Thing's production was influenced/motivated by Actor (or group it is member of). Examples: Manner/School/Style of, After, Close to, Connected with; Made for; Eponym, Governor, Issuer, Ruler, Magistrate who authorised, patronised, ordered the production. The individual or group who influenced the creation of an object (e.g. a print of an original) or for whom the object was created
rso:FR52_current_owner_keeper crm:E39_Actor 3 owner/keeper Thing has current owner or keeper Actor The currrent owner
rso:FR51_former_or_current_owner_keeper crm:E39_Actor 4 all owners/keepers Thing has former or current owner or keeper Actor, or ownership/custody was transferred from/to actor in Acquisition/Transfer of Custody event Current and former owners
rso:FR67_about_actor crm:E39_Actor 5 about Thing depicts or refers to Actor, or carries an information object that is about Actor, or bears similarity with a thing that is about Actor  
rso:FR12_has_met crm:E39_Actor 6 met Thing (or another thing it is part of) has met actor in the same event (or event that is part of it)  
rso:FR67_about_period crm:E4_Period 1 about Thing depicts or refers to Event/Period, or carries an information object that is about Event, or bears similarity with a thing that is about Event  
rso:FR12_was_present_at crm:E4_Period 2 present at Thing was present at Event (eg exhibition) or is from Period  
rso:FR92i_created_in crm:E53_Place 1 created in Thing (or part/inscription thereof) was created or modified/repaired at/in place (or a broader containing place)  
rso:FR55_located_in crm:E53_Place 2 located in Thing has current or permanent location in Place (or a broader containing place)  
rso:FR12_found_at crm:E53_Place 3 found at Thing was found (discovered, excavated) at Place (or a broader containing place)  
rso:FR7_from_place crm:E53_Place 4 from Thing has former, current or permanent location at place, or was created/found at place, or moved to/from place, or changed ownership/custody at place (or a broader containing place)  
rso:FR67_about_place crm:E53_Place 5 about Thing depicts or refers to a place or feature located in place, or is similar in features or composed of or carries an information object that depicts or refers to a place  
rso:FR2_has_type crm:E55_Type 1 is/has/about Thing is of Type, or has Shape, is of Kind, or is about a type (eg IconClass), etc  
rso:FR45_is_made_of crm:E57_Material 1 made of Thing (or part thereof) consists of material  
rso:FR32_used_technique rso:E55_Technique 1 used The production of Thing (or part thereof) used general technique  
luc:myIndex rdfs:Literal 1 keyword The full text of the thing's description (including thesaurus terms and textual descriptions) matches the given keyword  
rso:FR108i_82_produced_within rdfs:Literal 2 date interval Thing was created at some time within the given interval or year (created within an interval that intersects the given interval or year). To specify the era use BC or (optionally) AD. To specify an interval use '-' (e.g. '50BC-80AD').  
rso:FR1_identified_by rdfs:Literal 3 identified by Thing (or part thereof) has Identifier (exact-match string)  
rso:FR138i_has_representation xsd:boolean 0 with images Thing has at least one image (representation)  

rso:FR32_used_technique uses an extension sub-class rso:E55_Technique, so as to obtain more precision (see next section)

Special FRs

The last 4 FRs in the table above are special. Jana: how will you handle them?

  • hasRange: rdfs:Literal and xsd:boolean are not used in the Compatibility query described in the next section.
  • hasOrder: although returned in this order by the backend, the default FR is determined by the UI, see FR Enhancements#Keyword-Date-Identifier Search
  • Unlike all other FRs, these FRs are not fully defined in FR Implementation-old. The FR name is still used by the frontend to request it from the backend, but the backend use some special processing:
    • luc:myIndex stands for "FTS using Lucene, using a FTS index named myIndex". It is not but through the OWLIM Lucene FTS mechanism
    • rso:FR108i_82_produced_within is defined at Date Search
    • rso:FR1_identified_by is defined as an FR, but leads to a literal (all others lead to a term node)
    • rso:FR138i_has_representation is defined at FR Enhancements#Objects with Images

Thesaurus to FR Compatibility

When the user auto-completes a term in FR search, the system:

  • determines all FRs applicable to that term (eg the FRs applicable to Amsterdam [RKD Place] are "about", "from" and "located in")
  • then determines all thesauri compatible with those FRs (eg in the above case they are [RKD Place] and [BM Place])

The compatibility relation between Thesauri and FRs is many-to-many, and is determined from the following triples:

Thesaurus --rso:hasDomain-> Class <-rso:hasRange-- FR


Given a term selected by the user, the set of compatible thesauri and FRs is determined by this query (! indicates a query param):

The UI mockup showed each thesaurus class with different color, but the color was removed in the final design.

Why Custom Domain and Range

  • We use property rso:hasRange that is unrelated to rdfs:range, because we don't want FRs go generate spurious class assertions
  • We use property rso:hasDomain (at thesaurus level) instead of rdfs:domain (at term level):
    • For greater flexibility: though often the same is repeated at term level, sometimes it is not
    • To avoid subclass inferencing.
      The currently searchable classes are highlighted below. To avoid mixing E55_Type with E55_Technique and E57_Material, we'd need to find the lowest class related to the FR, which would complicate the query

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  1. Jun 12, 2012

    rkd-plaats:    a skos:ConceptScheme, rso:hasDomain crm:E53_Place.     rso:FR7_from_place      rso:hasRange crm:E53_Place.

    I don't quite understand the domain idea here.