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Questions on Image Annotation Spec (RS3.3)

38. Ability to Annotate two deep zoom images on the same screen and make links between the two.

  • You start the tool from the first image, then how do you find the second image?
  • Does the arrangement of the 2 images matter? From MFP cases it does matter.
  • Simple arrangements are LR, RL, TB, BT; complex arrangements could put a small image at a specific position of the large
    • Why only 2 images and not more?
    • How do you navigate such multi-image annotations?
  • Single-image annotations are attached to the target image and presented there. While you navigate them, that image stays on screen. When you navigate to a multi-image annotation, suddenly your screen should be split to show 2 images?
  • Do we need different types/categories for multi-image annotations?

31. It should be possible to include clickable links into the annotation. For example for linking existing annotations not in a thread.

  • Could you please give more details on how you think the user interface should would like for the user, who will go through all the annotations and create a route? And what do you expect the other users (the ones that will follow the annotation route) to see on the screen?
  • If there are more than one routes created - will there be a list with all routes?

Annotation Categories

  • Dominic: Categories of annotation I think will be important
  • TODO Dominic: provide some Categories so we can add them
  • Vlado: I think Categories should be applicable to both Image and Data annotations?
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