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FP7 CHARISMA (Cultural Heritage Advanced Research Infrastructures: Synergy for a Multidisciplinary Approach to Conservation/Restoration) is an EU-funded Integrated Project carried out in the FP7 Capacities specific programme "Research Infrastructures". The project provides transnational access to most advanced scientific instrumentations and knowledge allowing scientists, conservators-restorers and curators to enhance their research at the field forefront.

CHARISMA uses OWLIM for a portal that provides metadata from 6 major European cultural institutions:

  • Centre de Recherche et des Restauration des Musées de France, Palais du Louvre, Paris, FR (Data bases and scientific records)
  • The National Gallery London, UK (Data and scientific records)
  • The British Museum, London, UK (Databases, scientific records and sample & reference collections)
  • Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Firenze, IT (Data bases and archives)
  • ICN Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, NL
  • Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, ES (Data and records)

Project Details

The CHARISMA transnational access (TA) programs, offer European scientists a to carry out their experiments utilizing 3 different and complementary groups of facilities (ARCHLAB, MOLAB and FIXLAB) through a service embedded in a multidisciplinary environment involving material science and artwork conservation/restoration.

  • FIXLAB provides access to large and medium scale European installations, including the beamlines of one synchrotron radiation, one neutron source and two ion-beam analytical facilities;
  • MOLAB offers access to a portable set of advanced analytical equipment, for in-situ non-invasive measurements on artworks, without any movement of the artefacts from their location and any contact with the surface;
  • ARCHLAB permits the access to the structured scientific information and analytical data, stored in the archives of the most prestigious European museums and conservation institutions.

CHARISMA Portal Version 1
The mission of the Portal is to strengthen, complement and integrate the physical access to the ARCHLAB (ARCHLAB the archives of European Museums and Cultural Heritage Institutions) of the CHARISMA Project, which is a unique "facility" or partnership that represents archives of a large and mostly unobtainable amount of stored knowledge and technical data held by the most prestigious European museums and conservation institutes from France, UK, Italy Spain and Netherlands. This is accomplished by providing virtual access to a large research community of professional users to such data, via a project for the integration of technical metadata coming from these archives and streamlined via a CH web portal in a regular, standardized, and consistent way. The Portal offers the potential to introduce users to already existing metadata, maintained and being actively developed in the partners infrastructures, and consisting of wide archives of analytical and technical data on paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, metals, etc. This web portal is open to users of the cultural heritage community from a wide range of different disciplinary backgrounds; this ambitious effort is supported with semantic web technologies and intelligent web services (semantic web, social network analysis, intelligent software agents) aiming to assist users in searching the data appropriate to their interests and provide them an optimal experience during their search.


Information is collected for the following category types:

Selected Technique

If a special technique is selected then information is provided about artworks with this technique, artists using this technique, etc.


Information for an artwork:

Custom Search

Custom search is supported for each category:

CHARISMA Portal Version 2
The second version is not finalized yet, and not all features of version 1 are supported.


Information for an artwork

Selected Technique

If a special technique is selected then information is provided about artworks with this technique, artists using this technique, etc. Much more detailed information than in Version 1.

Search Results

Search result with thumbnails for the artworks

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