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Based on Data Basket Spec - Old from Dominic and Maria

HTML mockups:


  • ver1: 20.07.2012: Hollie
  • ver2: 07.08.2012: Hollie
  • ver3: 17.08.2010: Vlado: put tooltips, some red notations, edited the descriptive text


Databasket in Tab

Basket in a permanent tab allows maximum space

  • Highlight the row under the mouse in yellow (rollover).
    Click on the row does View Bookmark
  • Each item type has an icon, and the type name is shown in tooltip.
    Some match the tools, others are new (Text Snippet, Web Link)
  • Image Preview is only displayed for types of data where it is possible to do this
  • The URL is shortened; the full URL is shown in tooltip.
    URL is clickable to show the item in original location (tool)
  • Filter is similar to Annotation filtering (available in Tab and in Popup)
  • Sort is a dropdown and sorts immediately (available in Tab and in Popup)
  • Action menu on each item: View (same as clicking the row), Edit, Delete
  • (Not for now) Tags panel can be sorted by popularity (shown) or A---Z

Data Basket as Popup

For use when inserting item into RTF editor (eg in a comment)

  • An additional display method needed for the system
  • Clicking on an item inserts it in the RTF
  • No actions (cannot edi
  • All the rest is the same as Databasket in Tab

Filter Dialog

This shows the filtering controls. It's made with SALT, a text-to-UI macro that has its limitations, so the look is not faithful.
The look should be similar to image annotation Filter, eg the two buttons should be on the right.

View Bookmark

Shows bookmark details

  • We only have a single pop up (for detail and edit) rather than a double pop up for edit

Edit Bookmark

Add Text Snippet

Very similar to Edit

Add Web Link

Advanced interactivity when URL is added:

  • fetch page, get <title> tag and Web Preview (if we find such a server)


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  1. Jul 21, 2012

    I like the economy of these designs. If you click on the "preview" of the object in the popup window do you open a new tab and go to the object record/annotation?

    1. Jul 23, 2012

      Yes this is how it would work in the details pop up (the URL link works as well, again opening the item in a new tab on the tool applicable). 

  2. Jul 21, 2012

    How do you add an external link?

  3. Jul 23, 2012

    The action menu for each item should have its own individual export. It would be useful to have a decription of how an item is inserted into a tool. For example, someone taking text and an image from a forum post into a tool (like annotation). Would this all be done through action menus so that in the annotation tool, for example, that action menu would have, "import selected databasket item". Or would it have, "import data basket item", which then brought uip a pop up which then allowed a selection. In external web sites that have underlying semantic data would the databasket automatically take back the RDF and the human readable web page link. (semantic data is often provided with a human readable page (which a user is directed to) when browsing semantic data. With external links I presume that the link will take you back to the web page in question (as with the Korbo tool). The data basket should operate in a similar way to korbo but support both normal and rdf data.

    1. Jul 23, 2012

      The export is covered by the action menu. We should decide exactly what else is in there together with Maria.

      The action menu should be present in the forum as well. 

      To add add item to the basket (where action menu present) choose option in the action menu. This opens the add pop up.

      On the external website question, I think Ontotext are better placed to spec this functionality in collaboration with yourself. Adding could be done similarly, dependant on exactly how you get the data in the first place.

  4. Jul 23, 2012

    It would be good to see a mock up with example action menus to show the databasket process. This should include the annotate option (annotate from with basket).

    The databasket should distinguish between internal sources (icons) and external sources.

  5. Jul 23, 2012

    Current action menus have "add to data basket". Will the databasket also support, "Add current item to databasket" from the databasket tab i.e. Can it pull items in as well as items be pushed into it. It would have to do a pull when going to external web pages because they will not have action menus.

  6. Jul 23, 2012

    I would be interested in comments regarding the Korbo tool and its applicability to the RS databasket.

    see the KORBA API

    and API function 
    Basket SPARQL PROXYWhen a basket is created a sparql-endpoint is automatically created with a dedicated url. Developers can use directly this feature to develope application. This feature is under development but is not yet stable.

  7. Jul 23, 2012

    Question: Should we provide a basket system that allows organisation into multiple sub baskets (see korbo)

    1. Jul 23, 2012

      Tagging allows you to create groupings within the basket. This is more flexible as items can belong to two tags, as they may be relevant to one or more thoughts. Maria do you agree?

  8. Jul 23, 2012

    Comment from Ken Hamma

    Are the 'Edit' and 'Save' buttons at the top and bottom of the pop-up window redundant?  I assume they are but because they exist in different layers - the top one as part of the pop-up window, implying save everything; the bottom one more associated with the text in the white space that belongs to the data, implying save that bit - it could be confusing?

    1. Jul 23, 2012

      Topped an tailed for ease. Can just be at the bottom if you want.

  9. Jul 23, 2012

    Hollie, Tom

    There are some comments on the databasket in confluence.

    Just to confirm – The first image has a comment number and an action menu at the top. Is this where the annotation can take place. If so please confirm that the annotation will then appear within the annotation tool when looking at the object. I wonder whether people should be able to see a view of the annotations attached to the databasket item if they exist and perhaps this would be another popup box

    I will paste this along with the other comments.

    Having a confirmation of items on the actions menus would be good.

    I am on leave from Wednesday. Can will go through the comments as soon as possible.



    1. Jul 23, 2012

      From our point of view adding the annotate from the data basket complicates the UI and may not actually be useful to that many users. You can annotate by opening the original item and annotating there, this is a very easy way to do it without complicating the databasket with additional functionality. 

      We will add a button to create new data basket item (would cover external URLs). The add pop up would be very similar but the URL field would be editable. If you paste a Researchspace URL the system should recognise it and fill in the other fields automatically.

      1. Jul 31, 2012

        OK. This seems correct