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Korbo a semantic data basket.

  • Korbo is a powerful aggregation platform for gathering Linked Data objects relevant to your area of research into single workspaces or “baskets”.
  • Korbo is targetted primarily at developers who want to build applications on top of its API and make full use of linked cultural data from sources such as Europeana, FreeBase and DBPedia.
  • Korbo is currently in the early stages of development, but you can already try out a demo version of the platform. Please do give us feedback on your experiences as this is invaluable information for future iterations – Korbo user feedback questionnaire.

Vlado's notes

Dominic, I don't think that's directly applicable to our case:

  • Korbo collects untyped semantic resources (URIs) by searching the web
  • Our basket collects typed RS things, some of which are very RS-specific (eg a Search)

But I think two ideas are applicable:

  • the import of an item results in the instantiation of a new RDF resource representing the external resource in Korbo. Such a resource (Korbo Proxy) has a two-fold purpose. First, it allows Korbo to provide a Linked Data representation of the resource which is independent from the one provided by the origin data provider. Second, it provides a resource (URL) to which augmentations can be attached without interfering with the original resource maintained by the data provider.
  • The use of Linked Data API and its ELDA implementation

Dominic's notes

  • I would be interested in comments regarding the Korbo tool and its applicability to the RS databasket.
  • External data - Should include external data resources and RDF. Externally the tool will launch within the web context or web site that the data was sourced. (see Korba tool for behaviour)
  • The data basket should operate in a similar way to korbo but support both normal and rdf data.
  • see the KORBO API
    Basket SPARQL PROXY: When a basket is created a sparql-endpoint is automatically created with a dedicated url. Developers can use directly this feature to develope application. This feature is under development but is not yet stable.
  • Should we provide a basket system that allows organisation into multiple sub baskets (see korbo)
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