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Sequence diagrams

Entity API methods


Bookmark getBookmarkByUrl(String bookmarkUrl)

Bookmark getBookmark(String user, String itemUrl)

  • user: username
  • itemUrl: URL of wrapped object (painting, annotation, etc)
  • Gets a bookmark from User's Data Basket

Bookmark[] getBookmarks(String user, SortParameter sort)

  • user: username
  • *sort: *SortParameter.Date (default), SortParameter.Creator, SortParameter.Title, SortParameter.Type
  • Gets all bookmarks from User's Data Basket sorted by date they were added to it descending

Bookmark[] getBookmarks(String user, String type, Date from, Date to, String keywords)

  • user: username
  • type: URI of type
  • from: starting date for creation interval; if null, skip restriction
  • to: ending date for creation interval; if null, skip restriction
  • keywords: free text; See SearchAPI
  • Gets a filtered list of bookmarks from User's Data Basket sorted by date they were added to it descending

Bookmark saveBookmark(Bookmark bookmark)

  • bookmark: Bookmark object; If it has URL then update else create new and assign URL;
  • If Basket does not exist for user, create
  • If search quesry is bookmarked, create a rso:Search entity
  • Returns saved object (with URL if it has been assigned)

int getBasketSize(String user)

  • user: username
  • Count of bookmarks in user's basket

void deleteBookmark(String bookmarkUrl)

  •  Delete any nested nodes that has been created when bookmark was created (eg rso:Search) as well

void emptyBasket(String user)

  • Delete all bookmarks for the user
  • Don't delete the Basket node itself

Entity saveSearch(String query)

  • Saves query as P3_has_note of newly created rso:Search node
  • Returns saved rso:Search as Entity

Entity saveWebLink(String URL)

  • Returns saved foaf:Document as Entity

 Entity getTarget(Bookmark)

Links in RTF


  • We need permalinks to data record, image record, annotations and annotation points. That is, the user should be able to send an URL to someone else and should be able to follow it so that they can open the corresponding tool with the proper record or data. If data is data record (eg Rembrandt painting), object overview page is open. For annotations, annotation tab is activated with the relevant annotation focused. For AP - field is highligted.
  • References in RDF should survive server/domain changes. For example server/port portion could be filled in just before text visualization.
  • References in RDF should survive changes in tools adresses as well.

Embedding captured data

When data is placed in the basket which has been taken from a tool that stores data with a structured schema - for example - an annotation, the item may have structured information. An annotation for example will have the annotation itself plus attribution information about who made the annotation and so on. By transporting the annotation to a forum the link to the annotation is created allowing users to follow the link. However, it will be useful to have some of that information embeded when placing an item from the data basket.

For example: There is a post on a forum about a painting and someone replying to the post has an annotation item within their databasket that is relevant. The reply starts normally with the user typing text and then refering to an example which is then inserted into the reply from the data basket. What is actually seen in the reply. The reply text, the annotation, and a link back to the tool and its context. However, two things would be useful. Firstly it should be clear that the annotation item has come from the data basket and a tool. The link itself does not necessarily denote this. Therefore it would be prudent to embed some more information perhaps as markup,html or microformat. For example, if the inserted items came from a data basket then a tag around it should denote the tool it came from e.g. <data annotation id=''author='user a' created='' linked to=' '>annotation text, author and date</data basket>. There may be a more standards based way of doing this.

This means that information can be separated from the forum information for reporting and other purposes.- Dominic

Jana: We have decided that reporting should be done by the system on RDF data and exposed as REST service. We will show metadata about object on link's hover though (author, thumbnail, type etc.) Enriching html with this metadata will be done after extracting html from RDF and before showing to user.

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