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Based on Dominic's wireframes: Dashboard UI

General requirements

Dashboards tab is a static tab in RS. That is, it is always present and cannot be closed. 

It shows tree regions: History, Latest forum posts and Project announcements. Each region may be collapsed or expanded using a button in its header. Initial state for all regions is expanded.

Each region shows a list of objects. In the regions History and Project announcements the objects are grouped in sections by date. The list of objects is organized as follows:

  • History: shows a list of annotations grouped and sorted by date of creation of the annotation. Newest events are shown on top. Following info is shown for each annotation: 
    • Tool: Image annotation or Data annotation
    • Item: What has been annotated
    • Link: link to annotation; Annotation's title is shown
    • User: who created annotation
    • Date is not shown as it is in section's title
  • Latest forum posts: shows a list of 10 latest forum posts (from JForum). Latest posts are on top. Following info is shown for each post:
    • Date: Date and time for the post
    • Title for the post + first 100 characters. If original text is longer, link "more" is shown that leads to the particular forum's post (in Forums tab).
    • Forum: Name of forum the post was posted in
    • User: Author of post
  • Project announcements: These are simple messages in plaint text. They used to announce certain messages to all members of the project. They are grouped in sections by date of creation. Following info is shown for each announcement:
    • User: author
    • Text of announcement

If there is no data for particular date, section is not shown (in History and Announcements)

Filtering by author

User can filter data in History and Announcements by author. Initial filtering is "All team members" - that is, no filtering is applied. Choice is made using a combo in region's caption that lists all users.

Data is always grouped by date in History and Announcements - even with filtering applied.

If data is filtered by period, both filters are applied.

Filtering by period

This is relevant for History and Announcements only again. User may select following options: 

  • Since yesterday (default)
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 3 months

Sorting of lists is not affected by the option selected - newest are always on top.
If data is filtered by author, both filters are applied.

New announcement

Announcements are simple messages in plain text. User enters some message and when Send message is clicked, it is shown in the list of messages.

If filtering by author has been applied, it is removed - so that the new message is visible. Author and current date are captured and stored.


Lists are not paginated. All relevant records are visible. Regions have fixed height and scrolling inside them is applied as needed.

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  1. Jan 30, 2013

    suggestion: a post in region Latest forum posts to always have the link "more" that leads to Forums tab, regardless of whether the post is <100 or cut at first 100 characters.