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How to compare RS search results to BM COL results


Dominic started doing cross-search on BM COL (collection online) against RS.
What a logical idea to add to the search test cases!
Doing such cross-search, comparing the results, and investigating the differences is quite useful.

However, two considerations should be taken into account:

  • RS search and BM search are different (eg see FTS differences in RS-1633 below). In fact BM Old and BM New sometimes return different results!
  • Such comparisons take quite a lot of effort

BM COL has an Old and a New (beta) search system. Links to the Old and New BM search are at BM Data.
BM New shows the results in a more useful way: 36 thumbnails on a page, and you can see the images clearly.

Rules for this page:

  • describe in detail what you did, add links
  • lay out analysis clearly in a table
  • attach TTL files (or give SPARQL queries) to show data and prove your point



FTS search for "Elizabeth Ellis"

BM Old

BM old returns 47 results

BM New

BM new returns 46 results

BM New to RS Comparison

  • If I limit to "images only", both BM old & new return 36, while RS returns 20. I'll analyze this set below, since it's easier to compare pictures than having to open and read the description of every object
  • I put on two monitors and started comparing images. Luckily both RS and BM New return 1 page of thumbnails so I don't have to go back and forth

n description match BM text judgement
10 oval frames yes    
1 Palace at Enfield 3456835 Queen Elizabeth's Palace... After: William Ellis too far
1 circular seal yes    
1 St George's Chapel yes    
1 broadside satirical print yes    
9 native people 1661591 1663248 1663251... Acquisition notes... Elizabeth Ellis, Curator of Pictures... see below
1 portrait by James Posselwhite yes    
5 sketch-books of Anthony van Dyck 708546 708540 Literature: Elizabeth McGrath... Previous owner/ex-collection: X Agar-Ellis, Nth Viscount Clifden too far
1 portrait/study by John Downman yes    
1 portrait/drawing by George Romney yes    
1 'Famille rose' Qing dynasty plate yes    
1 print copy-sheet 1480311 Princess Elizabeth's example... Donated by: Sir Henry Ellis too far
2 portrait busts yes    
1 signet ring yes    

  • Match: number(s) mean RS didn't find it, and these are codexid of some of the missed objects
  • Judgement: "too far" means:
    • BM FTS matches totally unrelated names (Elizabeth in one field, Ellis in another)
    • RS FTS doesn't match such names that are "too far"
    • My judgement is that is ok

Why are these 9 objects missing? Checked 3 of them, they have the same "Acquisition notes".
Let's check the first one in detail:

  • Search in RS by ID 1661591 and find "EOC83119 Painting; from a collection of seventeen;..."
  • Looking at the details (Annotations tab) in section Acquisition (last one), there are no "Acquisition notes"
  • Extracted the file EOC83119.ttl, as described at BM RForms Test#Extracting TTL Files
  • Search for "Elizabeth Ellis" in EOC83119.ttl file: no match.
    Josh does not emit any Acquisition notes.





BM New to RS Comparison

Anna: After comparing the both searches (BM and RS) can be seen following differences:

N BM Search Query Results (Reg N) RS Search Query Results
1 People: Rembrandt; Places: Amsterdam (Made in)
  • 1941,0327.11.114 ( PPA325692 )
  • 1941,0327.11.115 ( PPA325712 )
created/modified by  Rembrandt(BM/RKD) + сreated in Amsterdam(BM/RKD)
  • PPA41321
  • Susanna
2 Object types: oil painting 192 results is/has/about oil painting(BM) 192 results
3 Object types: oil painting AND sign-board
  • Af1993,13.10 (EAF61667)
  • Af1993,13.9 (EAF61666)
  • Af1993,13.11 (EAF61668)
  • Af1993,13.7 (EAF61655)
  • Af1993,13.8 (EAF61665)
is/has/about oil painting(BM) AND sign-board(BM)
  • EAF61655
  • EAF61665
  • EAF61666
  • EAF61667
  • EAF61668
4 Places: Sofia (Found/Acquired) 63 results found at Sofia Bulgaria – city(BM) 74 results
5 Ethnic Group: Mai Darat 48 results met Mai Darat(BM) 48 results
6 Ethnic Group: Mai Darat; Materials: bamboo 15 results met Mai Darat(BM) +  made of bamboo(BM) 15 results
7 Ethnic Group: Mai Darat; Materials: bamboo OR rattan   met Mai Darat(BM) +  made of bamboo(BM) OR rattan(BM) 20 results
8 Ethnic Group: Mai Darat; Materials: bamboo OR rattan; Techniques: basketry
  • As1903,1019.100 ( EAS10551)
met Mai Darat(BM) +  made of bamboo(BM) OR rattan(BM) + used basketry(BM)
  • EAS10551
9 Ware: Arita ware 625 results is/has/about Arita ware (BM) more than 500
10 Ware: Arita ware FROM AD 1630 TO AD 1650 78 results is/has/about Arita ware (BM) +  date interval 1630-1650 64 results
11 Ware: Arita ware; Materials: gold FROM AD 1630 TO AD 1650
  • Franks.1698 (JCR633)
  • 1953,0413.1.a-b (JCR7014)
  • Franks.1057 (JCR258)
  • Franks.1050 (JCR247)
  • Franks.494 (JCR72)
is/has/about Arita ware (BM) +  date interval 1630-1650 +  made of gold(BM)
  • JCR247
  • JCR258
  • JCR633
  • JCR7014
  • JCR72
12 Schools /Styles: Nagasaki School 68 results is/has/about  Nagasaki School(BM) NO results
13 Cultures /Dynasties /Periods: Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
  • 2005,0401.624 (YCA75209)
  • 2005,0401.475 (YCA74698)
  • 2005,0401.244 (YCA73511)
  • 2005,0401.623 (YCA75208)
present at  Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (BM)
  • YCA73511
  • YCA74698
  • YCA75208
  • YCA75209
14 Cultures /Dynasties /Periods: Liao dynasty 138 results present at  Liao dynasty(BM) 138 results
15 Cultures /Dynasties /Periods: Liao dynasty FROM AD 1125 TO AD 1125 35 results present at  Liao dynasty(BM) +  date interval 1125 31 results
16 Cultures /Dynasties /Periods: Liao dynasty; Object types: vase FROM AD 1125 TO AD 1125 6 results present at  Liao dynasty(BM) +  date interval 1125 +  is/has/about  vase(BM) 5 results
17 Cultures /Dynasties /Periods: Liao dynasty; Object types: vase; Materials: stoneware FROM AD 1125 TO AD 1125
  • 1936,1012.186 (RRC9643)
  • OA+.917 (RRC3189)
present at  Liao dynasty(BM) +  date interval 1125 +  is/has/about  vase(BM) +  made of stoneware(BM)
  • RRC9643


1. I have checked PPA325692:
In BM data:
Production person
Published by Henri Louis Basan (biographical details | all objects)
Print made by Johannes Pieter de Frey (biographical details | all objects)
After Rembrandt (biographical details | all objects)

In RS data:
influenced by Rembrandt (After)
carried out by Johannes Pieter de Frey (Printing)
carried out by Henri Louis Basan (Publishing)

We don't consider Rembrandt among creators and this seems right to me. Vlado?

2. ok
3. ok
4. I narrowed the search a bit and found some discrepancies with EEU71607 A fabric belt with metal buckle.
Having the query "found at Sofia-city and made of copper-alloy" returns this object from BM search and does not return it in RS search. When I look at its details in UI it seems fine - Found/Acquired: Sofia Bulgaria - city and Material: brass, cotton, wool and I think it should be returned by RS search.

4. wrote about it at FR Transitivity and posted RS-1713
1. Yes, After Rembrandt means Influenced by

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