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Having shortcuts for the cross-referenced entities (crm), tutorial (crmt), and graphical representation (crmg) allows easier discussion.

E.g. compare the following diagrams of E38 Image@crm, referenced using the shortcut (and embedded directly here):

1. From tutorial

slide45@crmt clearly shows that:
E84 Information Carrier (e.g. a painting). P62 depicts: (any) E1 Entity
by virtue of the fact that it P128 carries: E73 Information Object,
which is an E38 Image that: P138 represents: (the same) E1 Entity

2. From graphical

image_objects_carriers@crmg is more detailed, but provides a bit less clarity

Both illustrate that E84-P62-E1 is a shortcut for two paths:

  • E24-P128-E73-P67-E1
  • E24-P65-E36-P138-E1
    • this is documented at P62 depicts (is depicted by)@crm:
      "a shortcut of the more fully developed path from E24 Physical Man-Made Thing through P65 shows visual item, E36 Visual Item, P138 represents, to E1 CRM Entity."
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