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The Bibliography Ontology

The Bibliographic Ontology (BIBO) is an ontology for the semantic Web to describe bibliographic things like books or magazines. It is written in RDF and can be used as a citation ontology, as a document classification ontology, or simply as a way to describe any kind of document in RDF. It has been inspired by many existing document description metadata formats, and can be used as a common ground for converting other bibliographic data sources.

The Chronicling America website at the Library of Congress uses BIBO to model newspaper pages and issues in the Linked Data views


Utility and Usage in Research Space project

This ontology may be used to represent Bibliographical references coming from Rembrandt data.

Vlado: it's quite extensive, and I'd rather not involve extra ontologies unless there is a proven need.
We must first try to use (or extend) CRM entities/properties.
Rembrandt data doesn't include enough structured fields to warrant the use of a separate ontology. Literature (references) are described using 1 or 2 fields:

These are better mapped to simple notes (optionally with type):

Or we can define a sub-property:

Or we can just concatenate the two strings, since the volume/pages reference is not structured anyway:

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