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A lot of work on CRM Search is performed in the 3D-COFORM project.
FP7 project 231809. Period of execution: 12-2008 to 11-2012 (4 years)

  • The project is currently working on a search application based on this approach
  • Ontotext offers a collaboration, whereas 3D-COFORM defines the FRs, and we implement them using OWLIM rules

We researched these papers (Jul 2011):

  • WP3 – Repository Infrastructure (First year report): 02 December 2009, 21 pages. Talks about adopting Sesame. No specific information on repository selection. Includes a NON-PUBLIC ADDENDUM: D3.1 – Survey of existing repository technology
  • WP7 – Searching and Browsing the 3D Collection (First Year Report): 28 November 2009, 21 pages. Covers Integrated browser (IB), also known as Integrated Viewer Browser (IVB), which is required for: browsing the Repository Infrastructure (RI), viewing basic objects (images, 3D meshes) and metadata, and for editing metadata and annotations
    • Task 7.2 – Semantic, Shape and Material Retrieval (Geometry/Metadata Search)
      Identified the following challenges for the searching component: Using part of textures and shapes for searching, Interrelationships between searching, browsing, viewing and annotating, Combination of different concepts and objects for a single query. The appendix (restricted to partners only, non- public) describes more details regarding the functional specifications of the searching component.


  • 3D COFORM uses OWLIM as repository for the knowledge base
  • See Repository for 3D Model Production and Interpretation in Culture and Beyond.pdf, M. Doerr, K. Tzompanaki, M. Theodoridou, Ch. Georgis, A. Axaridou, S. Havemann; In: A. Artusi, M. Joly-Parvex, G. Lucet, A. Ribes, and D. Pitzalis (Editors), Proceesings of The 11th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (VAST 2011)
    • "The Metadata Repository search should be enhanced by reasoning and rules concerning deductions from the metadata. For the time being we are considering as reasoning platform OWLIM which is a high-performance semantic repository developed in Java and is packaged as a Storage and Inference Layer (SAIL) for the Sesame RDF framework. Adding reasoning to our semantic database will make queries more effective and simple. Further, the enforcement of constraints and other rules on the metadata content at ingest and update time will ensure the consistency and correctness of the information described in the semantic web. In this way, rich provenance information can be sustained, enabling many useful and complex inferences to support the content management."
  • Unlike other repositories, OWLIM fully materializes knowledge during loading, including the FRs. This ensures very fast querying over explicit and implicit statements.
  • the 3D-COFORM PM made these notes about why OWLIM was selected: "we use openRDF Sesame triple store, and suggests OWLIM as the best choice for reasoning. Haven't yet made serious tests for performance, but there are good comments about it on Internet. Interested in high performance, scalability, full-text searching capabilities and easy installation/configuration."

Functional Spec

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3D COFORM Wireframe 2011-11-24 sent by Dominic

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