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CMS=content management system, DM=document management, DAM=digital asset management (mostly images)
TODO: move CollectionSpace overviews/issue lists re Alfresco, Nuxeo here

Name Size Creator Creation Date Comment  
PDF File 2011 Open Source CMS Market Share R... 15.61 MB Vladimir Alexiev Dec 20, 2011 10:31  
PDF File D11- CMS and DAM Evaluation.pdf 11.87 MB Vladimir Alexiev Jun 22, 2011 15:48  
PDF File Content Management Systems- Evaluat... 312 kB Vladimir Alexiev Jun 22, 2011 15:48  

CMS Comparison Reports

  • Content Management Systems- Evaluation Considerations.pdf
    • D.Oldman. Presages and recommends mostly the same systems as the detailed report below (Nuxeo, Alfresco, Jahia or Drupal)
  • D11- CMS and DAM Evaluation.pdf
    • Reviews more than 10 CMS/DM/DAM systems and concludes that Alfresco and Nuxeo are most appropriate
    • Interesting reviews of DSpace, Resource Space (PHP, not promising), Semantic Media Wiki, Zope/Plone/Python application, and others
  • 2011 Open Source CMS Market Share Report.pdf:
    Аssesses 20 Open Source Content Management Systems on metrics related to Rate of Adoption and Brand Strength.
    These are CMS, not so much DMS. The comparison is on market share, not technical.
    Major conclusions:
    • PHP: all the Big Three systems are such: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal
    • .NET: DotNetNuke leads, Umbraco is contender
    • Java: Liferay and Alfresco fight for market leadership
    • Among the systems that were considered but ultimately eliminated: ...Jahia...Nuxeo...

SCMS project

  • Semantic CMS for Enterprise Knowledge Management & News Mining
  • Industrial research project funded under the EUREKA Eurostars! Programme (we're also considering running a project under this program with KR partners).
  • Partners and technologies:
    • OpenLink (UK): Virtuosodatabase platform for the data web, hosting among others DBpedia, Bio2RDF & Neurocommons.
    • U Leipzig InFAI/AKSW (DE): OntoWiki comprehensive semantic collaboration platform. Open-source, ranked one of the 100 most active and popular SourceForge projects. Participative knowledge management, used in various applications ranging from collaborative requirements engineering for software development to personal information management.
    • / Semantic Web Company (AT): custom Web applications and CMS solutions based on their CONX, Drupal, Confluence. Active OntoWiki integrator
    • Digital Trowel (IL): CARE knowledge discovery system. "Extremely accurate generic engine for mining entities and their relations from unstructured data."
    • netresearch (DE): open-source CMS integrator and service provider focusing on Typo3. Customers in the automotive, logistics and tourism sectors
  • Work packages: 2 Knowledge Discovery, 3 Knowledge Engineering, 4 Knowledge Storage, 5 CMS implementation: implement the SCMS stack into Drupal, Typo3, conX, Confluence; 6 News Mining implementation

IKS and Apache Stanbol

IKS (Interactive Knowledge Stack) is an FP7 project with duration 4 years (2009-2012) and 6.6 MEUR co-funding by EU.

  • The goal is to build an open source modular software stack and reusable set of components for semantic content management: a flexible technology platform for semantically enhanced CMS
  • Stanbol is the major result of this project, submitted for incubation at Apache Foundation
  • IKS provides 40 Early Adopter Grants (5k-7k EUR) to CMS willing to integrate Stanbol – Stanbol Integrates to Nuxeo and 5 other CMS
    • 9 more integration contracts are signed, 22 more proposals received
  • Stanbol implements 3 and plans 6 Services
  • Semantic Annotation of documents:
    • Stanbol implements 3 and plans 7 Enhancement (semantic annotation) Engines
    • The default installation includes small index of approx. 43k dbpedia Entities
    • Semantic content processing in Stanbol is still far behind established text analysis frameworks. Its document annotation capabilities are much weaker than KIM. See presentation comparing Ontotext KIM and Apache Stanbol's annotations and text analysis performance, and appendix including a nice example of semantic annotation

But I think Stanbol is a promising open source project that may bring semantic technologies to mass-market CMS systems, and may have worthwhile ideas on CMS-RDF integration. Useful research papers and training materials:

  • A Semantic Backend for Content Management Systems (METU Turkey). Considers integration through JCR (for Java CMS), CMIS (a new least-common-denominator API adopted by Alfresco, Documentum, IBM...)
  • Upcoming book, maybe it's worth preordering: Info, Flyer
    Part A: Introduction to CMS and Semantics
    Part C: Evaluation and profiles of 27 CMS providers
    Part B: The Future of CMS
    • S. McNally, Forbes Media, USA: Empowering the Distributed Editorial Workforce
    • S. Croisier, Jahia Solutions Group SA, Switzerland: The Rise of Semantic-aware Applications
    • B. Delacretaz & M. Marth, Day Software (now part of Adobe), Switzerland: Simplified Semantic Enhancement of JCR-based Content Applications
    • J. Rayfield, BBC, United Kingdom: Dynamic Semantic Publishing (Implemented with Ontotext's OWLIM and KIM )
    • L.A. Sabucedo and L.A. Rifon, Universidade de Vigo, Spain: Semantics in the Domain of eGovernment
    • W. Behrendt, Salzburg Research, Austria: The Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) - A Vision for the Future of CMSs
    • V. Presutti, ISTC-CNR, Italy: Essential Requirements for Semantic CMS
  • Training presentation Semantifying Your CMS
  • May establish a "reference architecture" for integrating CMS to semantic technology components (e.g. CMS Adapter component, FactStore API, CMIS API...)
  • Adrian & Jana, I think it's well worth the time to study their wiki, in particular Academic Training and Industrial Training
    • watch it for updates since they'll be adding open materials (Google Alerts has such functioanlity)
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