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Links to project resources
Also see RS Infrastructure

Dev Tools

These (including the source) will be opened to the general public at the end of the project.
We will keep some stuff in Confluence private, but in general be careful how you write!

RS Installations

  • RS installation on BM server:
    hosted at Kings College London)
  • Dev (older version): or
    user/pass: katherine/123456 or user1/159357 or Administrator/Administrator
    Tomcat5, Nuxeo 5.4, installed at /nidata/nuxeo on local port 8081
  • Dev1 (latest version): or
    Tomcat5, Nuxeo 5.5, installed at /nidata/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-5.5-tomcat-offline on local port 8082

SPARQL query/update

Ask Mitac/Jana/Vlado/Svetlio for passwords

Development server

  • Server: (on OT internal network)
  • Hardware: 32G RAM, 1T disk, 8 CPU cores
  • Web app server (Tomcat6):, installed at /nidata/tomcat on local port 8080
  • Linux admin (ssh/scp): user search0ssh, password (ask Mitac)
    eg /nidata/researchspace/trunk/data/josh
    • external:
    • internal:
  • Apache Http Server 2.2.22:, installed at, the directory where images are located is /opt/images
  • Dev repository:
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