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  • Dominic Oldman, BM deputy head IS, BM lead for IS Development. Product Owner who will sign off elements of the Project. Involved on as-needed basis
  • Steven Davies, and M Lewis: BM procurement
  • Martin Doerr, FORTH-ICS Centre for Cultural Informatics (GR): lead for CIDOC CRM. May be contracted by BM for ontology work
  • Seme4: spinoff from SotonU, did Stage2 (research/consulting). Did test export of BM data (Merlin) to CRM in RKBExplorer (3Store/4Store). Subcontracted people from
    • Hugh Glaser (SotonU): RKBExplorer creator, worked on the BM export

RS Advisory board

16 people. Volunteers (even pay their own travel expenses), can provide valuable feedback

UI Subcontractor

Bureau for Visual Affairs,

BVA's proposal: BfVA_BM_ResearchSpace.pdf

Development consortium

RS Team, Resumes

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