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For over a decade Ontotext has brought together metadata and content to search, navigate and analyze information in more productive ways. After extensive product development and self-funded R&D, Ontotext products now serve a diverse range of clients. Our clients include world renowned media agencies like the BBC and the Press Association, top pharma companies such as AstraZeneca, important government agencies including the US DoD, The National Archive of UK, US Medicare, and cultural institutions like the British Museum.

Ontotext clients benefit from our sound methodologies, industry standard-compliant products and professional services to address their business objectives and realize their desired solution. We balance our long-term research goals with our current industrial activities to ensure we are useful now and in the long run.

Showcases and Demos

  • Latest News - a semantic search engine, using text analysis to provide hybrid queries involving structured data and inference.
  • Linked Life Data - a platform for semantic data integration trough RDF warehousing and efficient reasoning that helps to resolve conflicts in the data.
  • FactForge - a public service that represents a reason-able view to the web of data.
  • Lupedia - a Text Enrichment service, which does lookup, but no entity recognition.

Semantic Solutions Docs Collection

This collection covers materials for creating KIM-related documents, product training programs, or reference materials for customizing the Concept Extraction and Search platform.

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