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The Web Service Application Programming Interface (WS API) only requires configuration of the relative server location. The configuration file, located in the web application archive kim-ws-api.war file. The exact location of the configuration file is kim-ws-api.war/WEB-INF/classes/ To edit the file, you can either:

  • Deploy kim-ws-api to your web application server, then find the unpacked WS API files, edit the configuration, and restart the server or the WS API


  • Edit the file inside the WAR archive before deploying. The WAR archive are actually zip files and most zip tools allow editing text files from inside the archive.
Оptions Description This specifies a visible/outer IP for the server. Replace localhost with the externally visible IP of the server. It must be the same as the server configuration in <KIM_HOME>/config/ This is the port of the KIM Server RMI registry. It must be the same as the server configuration in <KIM_HOME>/config/
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