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Known issues

If you intend to process documents larger than 1 MB, please make sure you update the populater memory configuration. Currently the tool is set to use up to 512MB of memory. This is sufficient to process the documents in the test corpus, which contains documents with a maximum size of 1MB.

  • For the graphical or console mode, the parameter POP_MAX_JAVA_HEAP=512m is located in the file <KIM_HOME>/bin/config/pop-config. You can extend it up to 1300MB on 32bit operating systems and without any limit on 64bit operating systems.
  • On Linux, if you prepend the command by assigning a new value to this variable, the new value will be used for the populater : POP_MAX_JAVA_HEAP=1024m populater.
  • For Windows Service mode, the parameter -Xmx512m is located in the file <KIM_HOME>/config/service.conf. You can extend it the same way as described above.
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