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This section is for everyone
If you're looking for information about... how KIM works, see the Administrator's guide

The User's Guide shows you how to explore step by step the KIM Platform functionalities through the Web UI and see how it works over a semantic database consisting of multiple sources of international and business news.

This KIM showcase is called Latest News and can be found at:

In this section

This section contains reference material about the KIM Platform, including the search and navigation paradigms, types of search results and how to explore them in detail.

Introduction An overview of the web application, its search and navigation tools and technology.
Keyword search paradigm A full-text search tool for searching in the document content, features and structure.
Conceptual search and navigation paradigms Complex tools for retrieving information from a knowledge base, as well as documents containing this information.
Combined search paradigms Advanced tools for retrieving information about entities, points in time or time intervals, and terms that appear together in the same context in the document set.
Search results Information about the three kinds of search results produced by the different search tools.
Results detail Options for further navigation and exploration of the retrieved search results.
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