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This section is for everyone
If you're looking for information about... how to navigate through the KIM user interface, what kind of searches you can use and what results you can expect, see the User's guide (over Latest news).

The installation guide shows you how to install and run a KIM instance on a local machine, populate it with some documents and see how it works.

In this section

This section contains reference material about the KIM platform, including system requirements, how to install KIM 3.7, the default configuration, and how to populate the basic KIM corpus.

[!_Images for reuse^system_req.JPG|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!] System requirements and expected load Information about KIM out-of-the-box system requirements and expected load for everyone.
[!_Images for reuse^download.JPG|thumbnail,width=22,height=22!] Download KIM 3.7 A snapshot of
Installing and running KIM Instructions for instaling and running KIM with the default configurations.
Populating the basic KIM corpus Running the tool for populating a KIM Server with documents.

To enable more functionalities, review the Administrator's guide and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) .

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